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  1. Fail!!! 4 strokes make great lawn mowers!
  2. Gatorbiker

    Need some help here guys......

    My wife went from a SX144 to a XC200 (2009); she improved a lot when she switched to the 200; mind you she has the perfect shape for the bike 5'11" and about 150 pounds. The 200 is much better in the technical stuff (off cambers, rutty uphills, rocks and roots). I would not change the tank however, just don't fill it as much. The enduros' tank go lower so you will lower your center of gravity, save money and still have a large tank for when you trail ride.
  3. Gatorbiker

    300 is boiling fast and often

    I had the same problem, I put a catch bottle and switched to "Evans water less coolant". It's boiling point is 375°F. It works so well that my catch bottle was useless... forget about fans and other solutions, just use "Evans" (also sold under the name of Zip-davis or something).
  4. Gatorbiker

    Prepped for the '10 season!

    Hey Vanista, If you go to Ste-Élie can you check if Hommans is going to open an enduro loop anytime soon? Thanks in advance BTW nice bike!
  5. Gatorbiker

    09 300 XC-E vs XCW-E

    I have a 2008 XCW-E since august 2007; it has close to 100 hours (almost exclusively endurocross racing). When the bike was new the e-starter was not turning the engine fast enough, dealer fixed it for free in an hour. It has been working great ever since with hardly no maintenance. Little advice, don't use the e-start when the bike is dead cold (i.e., the first start of the day)...
  6. Gatorbiker

    Can a old thumper guy gets some help here?

    To me a Rekluse is useless when you have an hydraulic clutch + a magic button.
  7. Gatorbiker

    2008 ktm 300 xc-w (E) vs. 2008 yamaha yz450F

    Do you know that for a fact???
  8. Gatorbiker

    Orange Army?

    I own a 2008 XCWe 300, replaced piston and rings at 57 hours just to be safe, could have probably waited an extra 20 hours. Also, replaced the piston and seal in the rear brake control. Did not put another dime on it -- FUNtastic bike!!!
  9. Gatorbiker

    will a ktm 144 mach a yz250f in the straits?????

    My wife owns a SX144 and a friend of mine a YZF250 so I have ridden both a few times. IMO, the SX144 is faster than the YZF250 pretty much everywhere except that in some cases it is a bit more difficult to ride it fast. It is surprisingly torquey for a small bore 2 Stroke.
  10. Gatorbiker

    2006 300XC Vs 2008 300XC

    Actually, I am not sure the 250F's will keep up with the 300!!!
  11. Gatorbiker

    Anyone thinking of going back to a 4 ???

    I guess it all depends on the riding skills and one's experience on each type of bike. I have always ridden 2t when I was young and started riding again 4t after a 15 year break... When I switch from a XCF-W 250 to a XCW(e)300 my lap times dropped suddenly as compared to my riding buddies. On a 2 hour endurocross race with average lap time around 22-24 minutes, my average lap time dropped almost a full minute! I understand that there are many factors to consider (type of track, weather conditions) but average they should randomize out. I just love 2 strokes, don't get me wrong 4ts are wonderful: I would never get rid of my 4t lawnmower or my snowblower!
  12. Gatorbiker

    Lets see those KTM 144's

    Hey Blubbles, My wife bought one of the first SX144 in Quebec around april of 2007 for 7000$ (about 50$ more than a YZ125); you should not be paying 8000$. BTW it's a fantastic bike, slightly more powerfull than my old 250 XCF-W (but less than my XCWe 300!! )
  13. Gatorbiker

    2006 300xc or stay with 4 stroke

    I had a XCFW 250 and now I am the proud owner of a XCWe 300. I will never go back to 4 strokes.
  14. Gatorbiker

    KTM 300 vs YZ250

    While I was fighting with a close friend in an Endurocross race which had a very strong straigth (the type you get in 5th gear WFO), I was able to pass my friend on his YZ450F. He said, he was not quite wide open... in any case the 300 is just as fast as a 450 4t ...
  15. Gatorbiker

    2008 KTM XC-W & XC-W(e) report

    Yop, I believe you're absolutely correct. The 300 is very mellow, you can do an entire Endurocross race in 2nd and 3rd gear and will never stall. The torque of 4t and the fun/weight/maintenance cost of a 2t. Thank you KTM