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  1. banshee91

    01 yz426 radiator problem.

    yeh i think it was from the cap.. so i just need to buy a new one is it?
  2. banshee91

    01 yz426 radiator problem.

    umm i usually mix it.. it was premixed this time, do you have any idea what it mite be? i cant figure it out theres no sign of any leaks
  3. I was out riding some trails on my bike today... got into a real messy trail where the wheels were spinnin a LOT, all of a sudden there was steam shooting out of my right hand radiator . i filled it back up with coolant and started the bike and let it warm up, i couldnt find any leaks. just wondering if theres some sort of pressure release system on the bikes. anyone had the same thing happen to them?
  4. banshee91

    New 426!!

    I've just been out to get an 01 YZ426f... and I am very pleased with it at the least . Power delivery is awsome and its already got the 450 cam so thats a bonus! I decided to go with the 426 after reading a load of threads about people in the same situation as me, wondering if their worth buying or not. And i have to say everybody who posted were a great help so i just wanna say thanks !!
  5. banshee91

    yzf250 or crf250??

    well im leanin towards the yamaha at the moment and blue is my favourite lol. do you think the yzf's the rite decision?
  6. i ride trail and i do a bit of racing, i was wondering which one u chose? I'm 16, 6"0 and about 170 lb. thanks
  7. banshee91

    which yzf (again)

    i have asked before buit i didnt mention what i ride, i ride mostly trail and woods but i go to some motocross tracks with some makes, i got a ktm 200 exc now and want more power, and can you send some pics if you have yzfs please. Thanks
  8. banshee91

    which yzf?

    ive been tryin to decide on wot yzf to get, a 250 or 426, i know they're very diffarent bike but what would you recommend?