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  1. :lol:where'd that confidence go? This guy was working FOR mx tech, which usually means using mx tech's product and knowledge, he did what they told him to do... mxboy- how are you liking your mxtech revalve? What all did they do for 600? if you don't mind me asking what is your skill level?
  2. I'm pretty sure they are. I've seen people using 09+ clamps on their 08 and older
  3. ruts count right
  4. Im wondering if anybody has used paint stripper on there black clutch or ignition covers on an 09? I looked at mine wrong and the paint started scratching off.
  5. you can ride without racing..... again, learn to read
  6. Learn to read, he says over a year.
  7. Lookin good! I was out there on saturday as well.
  8. I use Dumonde Tech bhp chain oil. It doesnt fling on my bike at all and i've used it for years and my chains wear pretty good. also very easy to apply and leaves no sticky mess after
  9. It's obvious he just went out there to mess around. I'm sure he knew going into it he wasnt gonna win but just go out and have fun and stir up a little trouble....
  10. Supercross

    I'm stoked for the nationals!! I was just gonna start a thread about this until i saw yours. My question is who ISN'T racing in the 450 class? I've seen that Reed, Stewart, Windham are and i've seen that they arent. I wish they both were i'm not a fan of the supercross only contracts. Maybe it hasnt been "officially" released yet?
  11. Since this is west coast won't Jason Lawrence be riding the lites? A lot of you have him in your predictions for the big boys...
  12. What track is this?
  13. thanks guys
  14. I know this has been covered but I figured I would make sure before I buy this exhaust i'm looking at. Will all exhausts made for 04-05 kx250f's fit 06-08's? I always see pro circuits say 04-08 but then yoshimura says 04-05 only.