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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. Joel
  2. Something like that is what I was thinking about trying. Do you know of anyone that has done this on the YZ and written up a how to? The Husky board I go on for my Sumo has a pictorial for that bike and I was hoping someone might have something similar for the YZ. Worst case I figure I can use the thread on the Husky forum and modify whatever I need to for the YZ. Thanks Joel
  3. I have an '03 YZ450F that I use to trail ride, hare scrambles etc. and this past weekend I got into some reasonably tight technical trail and had some issues with the bike getting very warm, stalling out and then being difficult to get restarted. The bike also has a larger gas tank that shrouds the cylinder pretty much all the way around which I am sure doesn't help. My best solution would probably be to just go faster through the trail to keep the air flowing better but until I get better at riding I'll likely have to do something else. Hoping that some of you will have suggestions on how to keep my bike cooler while riding the slow and snotty trails. Thanks, Joel
  4. tls25rs

    Watching round 3 live from the computer?

    A live internet feed would be great seeing as our local CBS affiliate decided that it was much more important to use the the Supercross time slot for a Patriots pre-game show. You know, just one more of the hundred or so that they have already had this week. They can't even leave a nationally televised supercross race for those of us who like Supercross as well as football. It's only one hour dammit.
  5. tls25rs

    Tickets for Anaheim 1

    Thanks for all the info! I decided to try the alternative sources which is why questions about seat location came up. Lots of tickets out there I just need to decide where we want to sit. Thanks Joel
  6. tls25rs

    Tickets for Anaheim 1

    Back to the A1 ticket question. So are the "Club Level" tickets you guys are talking about the 200 level or the 300 level? The 300 level tickets I have seen all seem to be general admission, does that make any sense? Joel
  7. tls25rs

    YZ450 Rekluse Drive Plate Help Needed

    Well I talked with the people at Rekluse and it seems that there is nothing that they have that will help me with my issue as far as getting my existing clutch to function correctly again. They have made an offer of discounting one of the newer set ups slightly but for the time being I think I'm going to look at the '07 plates that grayracer suggested and see if I can get the installed gap to where it needs to be. If at some point I do give up and decide to go with something newer, what are the pros and cons of the different Rekluse set ups? Z-Start Pro vs. CORE EXP Thanks Joel
  8. tls25rs

    YZ450 Rekluse Drive Plate Help Needed

    Thanks for the replies! My plan is to talk to the people from Rekluse next week. I was just taking a long shot that somebody knew of a place that had the plates I need. Joel
  9. I have an 03 YZ450 with the Rekluse Zstart clutch with the perch adjuster. I bought the bike with this clutch so not too familiar with the clutch set up etc. After riding the bike quite a bit the Rekluse is slipping a lot so I figure I should replace the clutch pack and adjust everything back to the recommended gaps etc. Read through the Rekluse installation manual and make up a parts list. Order the new Yamaha friction disks and new 0.047" thick Yamaha drive plates without issue. Call Rekluse to order the replacement 0.055" thick replacement drive plates only to discover that they have no stock and do not plan on getting any more. Couple of questions: Anyone know of a dealer with the 0.055" thick drive plates for a YZ450 in stock? Would like to buy 4 or multiples of 4 if possible. Anyone familiar with the Rekluse enough to make suggestions on how to make it work properly with some combination of stock Yamaha parts in place of the 0.055" thick Rekluse drive plates? I am in discussion with someone at Rekluse about this but he is off until Monday for the holiday so I figured I would tap the knowledge base that is Thumpertalk to see what you guys can come up with. Thanks, Joel
  10. tls25rs

    Tickets for Anaheim 1

    DirtSurfer, Where can one purchase the tickets you are talking about for the club level seating? Thanks, Joel
  11. tls25rs

    Tickets for Anaheim 1

    Thanks for the input everyone, keep em coming. Joel
  12. tls25rs

    Supercross Tickets for Anaheim 1

    I'm looking to head out to California for Anaheim 1 and looking to see where the best seats to buy tickets for would be. I searched the forums and found widely varying answers so I figured I would ask and see what you guys say. Looking at the seating chart I was thinking that the club level seating along the third base line would be pretty good. Am I on the right track? Good, bad what say you? Looking at the Ticketmaster site it doesn't look like I can buy tickets in the club level seating areas. Anyone have any idea why that is? Do they hold those tickets back for some reason or are they all bought up by the ticket agencies so they can gouge you for more than the ticket office? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Joel
  13. I prefer my bike to be mechanically sound and if it appears a little beat up because the plastics are scuffed up a bit then so be it. A little off -topic but somewhat relaed - Not many things bother me as much as meeting up with friends to go riding with their pretty, accessorized to the moon bikes and they need to spend 30-40 minutes in the parking lot trying to get the bike to run before we can go ride. Do some maintenance at home so you can actually enjoy the bike on the trails instead of wrenching on it. Joel
  14. tls25rs

    Custom MX Hoodies?

    www.***************** Jon Dreher is the guy that runs it. He made me a bunch of hoodies for the Guys I race with and the quality and customer service were exceptional. Apparently I can't put the link on here. I'll send you a PM.
  15. Well I got them installed tonight. I wound up using tech24's idea and cutting the bottom tab off the brake master and then rotated the brake line downward to provide clearance for the mounting hardware. Not exactly what I was hoping had to be done but they are on the bike and that is what I wanted after all. Thanks for the replies! Joel