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  1. essiec

    CRF 230f

    I have an 06 230 with a fair bit of use under it. Seals have never leaked. I wanted to see what the oil was like in there so changed it last weekend - to be honest what came out didn't look too bad....way more "in grade" than the stuff that was in my Fazer1000! Periodically pull back the rubber gaitors over the forks and put a small feeler guage blade around the inside of the seal - you'll be surprised at the muck that you can lift out. This lessens the chance of a bit of grit getting trapped and causing oil leakage or damage to the stanchions. You'll notice the rear of the gaitors have holes in them so if you ride in wet conditions there will be some moisture/mud on the fork tubes which is why it's important to check them now and again.
  2. It will - I have 14/48 fitted when I got the bike and put a 13t front sprocket on whihc was fine for tight trialsy type sections but it was really buzzy at speed trying to keep up with the guys on bigger bikes! Went back to 14t front and it's fine - cruises easily at an indicated 55mph and will run to over 65mph if you're prepared to hang on. Still pulls away in 2nd gear on the flat so will stay with this set-up.
  3. Cheers Airmaxx - that's just what I needed:thumbsup:
  4. essiec

    Jetting a 2007 CRF230F

    Cheers! If I leave the upgraded 45 pilot jet in place with the standard 102 main - would it run okay or like a pig? The supplies we get over here are thin on the ground and not sure if I can get hold of a 42 pilot jet and would like to use the bike this weekend with the stock main and snorkel in place.
  5. essiec

    Jetting a 2007 CRF230F

    Any one know the standard mains and pilot jet sizes? I want mine back to stock as I need the airbox snorkel back in for the deep water we have here and it won't run with the upgraded parts already fitted when I bought the bike (standard ones not included in the sale....). I have a mains jet on order but no pilot jet or needle - how much does the pilot jet size differ from stock and can I get away with the standard needle in a different clip position (06 bike)? Cheers......
  6. essiec

    Valve clearances

    airmaxx - any chance I can get access to that service manual to print off as an official Honda manual is unavailable in the UK?
  7. You might think this goes against the grain...but I need to put mine back to stock. I'll explain...... I bought the 06 bike a year ago and it had the power up kit fitted and snorkel removed. Ran fine but (and it's a big but) - here in deepest, wettest England we have a lot of standing water all year round and some pretty deep (like over front mudguard deep) water crossings and the amount of wet stuff that floods into the now open airbox is causing grief. I have a snorkel for the airbox top but need to get standard size mains and pilot jets. I have a 132 now but not sure what size main is "stock" and also the same for pilot. Also what position would the needle need to be at? Just tried to run the bike with snorkel in and 132 mains and it'll start on full choke but die when you knock it off. I have ridden CRFs back to back - one jetted, one stock - and they felt pretty similar. Because of the noise police, we just can't open up the muffler by taking the baffle out - it has to stay in so because of this the difference in performance is negligible but hopefully by going back to stock it'll stay watertight. Cheers
  8. essiec

    Trials tire on 230

    I have an 06 CRF230 and switched straight away to a Pirelli MT43 rear, run at 12psi with Oki puncture sealant inside the tube. Use a Mitas Enduro front tyre also at 12psi. Here in South West England we get lots of wet, muddy slate and granite rocky climbs - the MT43 is excellent on this stuff and to be honest doesn't suffer on wet grassy climbs as it hasn't the power to spin up all the time. Where guys on KTMs etc struggle on technical climbs with their enduro rear tyres, the CRF chugs past in 2nd or 3rd and just grips and grips. I did use a Michelin X11 on the rear and although grip was slightly better it wore through a lot quicker and was worse on the road - we regularly have to use a lot of tarmac to get between trails in the UK so a tyre needs to be able to handle 50+mph speeds without feeling like you're riding on jelly and the MT43 is ace.
  9. Guys - need your help here. I have an 06 CRF230 which I think has had at least part of the jet-up kit fitted but it runs rough low down and I'd like some base settings. Here in the UK noise is a big concern so I have to run the standard baffle. The airbox is devoid of the snorkel and when I tore the carb down it has a 132 main jet and 45 pilot. Haven't checked to see the needle position. Now, I was going to put it back to standard but at the dealers they only show stock main jets up to a 110 (but a choice from about 90 up to 110) - any idea which one would be a standard fit? I ride at about sea level, have stock air filter. If it's just a case of putting a smaller mains and pilot in then that's fine as I've ordered the snorkel already but would there be a benefit using the bigger mains and pilot but with the existing snorkel, baffle etc? We ride through a LOT of deep water here so am thinking the snorkel will help stop ingress of water/crud on deep river crossings. Oh....and gearing: bike has 14f 48r sprockets but I think stock is 13/50 - is that right? Seems geared a bit high for the trials type sections we have here so am dropping the front to a 13t which should give more clearance between mudflap and new MT43 trials rear tyre.
  10. essiec

    torque settings

    Thanks for the link bud!
  11. essiec

    torque settings

    Guys, Can't get an official Honda workshop manual in the UK for the 230 and don't want to spend loads of dosh on one from the States as I just need the torque settings for the main nuts/bolts - sump plug, axle nuts etc. I know they are in the manual as I had one years ago and can remember them being there but not the figures! N/M preferred but if it's lb/ft I can convert them. Cheers
  12. essiec

    2007 Crf230

    Jeez - you guys don't know when you're well off! Just bought an 06 with 1400miles for £2300 sterling- that's over $3000! Honda are no longer bringing the bike into Europe as they're betting on people wanting the XR250 FI when it's launched next year but it'll be way more expensive and not as easy to strip down/repair - a backward step in my view. I think there will be UK guys bringing bikes in from the States pretty soon as they're rare as rocking horseshit here right now....
  13. essiec

    Whoa! The power-up jetting really works!

    I'm with a few of you on the issue of the baffle - need to keep it in in the UK for noise reduction but have the 132 main and raised the needle. Snorkel removed. Only just got the bike like that but it starts okay but needs throttle when cold otherwise it stalls. We're at sea level or just above and now summer's here it's 65*F although will drop to 30*F in winter - you saying I need to change jetting according to conditions? Cheers Andy
  14. essiec

    2009 Sherco Enduros

    Yeah - I have a late 08 model with less than 300 miles on it for sale.....but I'm in the south of England! It's a cracking bike so best of luck with your search - I'm one of the unfortunates who is facing 2009 with no job so the black beastie has to go. £4500 which is about $6500 plus shipping.
  15. essiec

    Sherco 450 enduro

    Just bought one of the 08 4.5i's and it looks a cracker. First ride out tomorrow so we'll see if it's as good as the Beta 450RR I used earlier this year. I had a ride on an 06 Sherco 450 and was impressed by the low down grunt (and grip available in the muddy stuff) and got a great deal from the importers. No concerns with spares etc as they have all routine stuff in stock and can order particular stuff in a couple of days direct from the factory. There's also a factory trained technician at the St Albans base who is on the end of the phone or e-mail so that's reassuring when you're faced with a bike that not many people have heard of, let alone stripped down! I've had 3 mates with KTMs (250, 400 and 450 4-strokes) and they've all had probs recently, mostly with starting troubles, so don't see the Sherco as a wild-card choice at all.