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  1. I was focusing on the whoops before the hill climb because it was clear when I took off. As for the spotters, like i said they were trying their best to warn the guys on the quads that were close to them to stop, they drove right past them. We do use spotters and I dont think we could have been any safer. If someone wants to drink and ride and ignor warnings they are going to get hurt end of story, especially if they dont wear a helmet. If it had been anyone else such as a child they would have been dead. This guy was pretty big but i still hope he went and saw a dr. Trust me i felt like shit for hitting the guy. the spotters were pissed off but still we made sure the guy was ok.
  2. Yeah my brother danny and my freind ben were at the top as spotters. They were flaling there arms and screaming at the guys to get out of the way. The guys on the quads just thought they were saying hi. I was already climbing the hill from my side as they approached my landing from the other side. There was very little time. Thanks for the help guys. I will def get the 07 disc, cheaper than my 06 and its wavy. Also going to look into mylers.
  3. I almost crushed a guys melon Friday 5/23/08. Wear a helmet. Wear a helmet. This guy should have had his brains all over my bike but i guess the angle was just right i threw him a couple yards from his quad instead of crushing his body. The guy thought it would be a good idea to use a dune flag but not a helmet?? . There was no way i could have seen that flag the dune was like this: / \ ... As i came over the peak i was air born and couldnt do anything about it. This guy was on my landing strip and if he had not been drinking he could have gassed it and got out of the way. I hit him in his face, smacked his safety sun glasses off, and knocked his shoe off and sent him flying off his quad. I guess that was better than crushing the guy. I luckily just rolled in some sand and got up, ribs still hurt. My bike also hit his bars breaking them along with my radiator and front brake disc. SO! I need a Left Radiator for a 06 yz450f and i dont have a lot to spend. I can find one for $270 online but i wanted to ask you guys if anyone could hook me up if they already had one that you could sell me. Or if anyone knows a cheaper place to get one, thanks! Also the 07 wavy brake disc is cheaper than a 06 brake disc. Anyone know if that would fit my 06 bike? Thanks again!
  4. Hardwire

    Mix Match Exhaust ?

    2006 YZ 450F I have a power bomb that fits onto my stock muffler but I want to know if any other mufflers will fit up to it. Does anyone have a non FMF muffler on a FMF power bomb?!
  5. UPDATE! New seat cover and lower fork guards!
  6. Holy shit! Guess i shouldnt have smoked that bag of meth when i put my tire back on! (jk jk) Hmm ill take care of it. Putting a paddle on anyway for my trip to the oregon dunes! Mmmmmmm!
  7. green tyler.. you should get the bar pad and seat cover too I will post some pics of it next week when I Put them on.
  8. No i didnt put the hub decal on i dont think i will. I have no clue what the long ones are for... MB just put them on a tool box or something lol. BTW WIZ636 yeah i know its photoshoped thats what i was saying above the picture.. lol. I didnt even do a good job on it, was just for a visual.
  9. Ever wonder how the One Industries Alpinestars graphics look on a 06 yz450? I will soon have these side panels. And a one industries seat cover with some bridgestone lower fork guards. (but my number will be 88)
  10. Hardwire

    08 with wheels

    Hmm.. I want my 06 to have a black chainguard ( gray plastic one over the front sprocket) and black brake guard too... would some Krylon spray paint hold up?
  11. Hardwire

    2008 YZ450f!

    Is the black comming off your cover? I wanted those for my 06 yz450... I still want the chain guard and oil filter covers. So how was the bike?
  12. The new 08 “punched cone” muffler ever on a production bike allows 35 percent length reduction and 270-gram weight reduction. Sounds really sweet. The 08 has a larger header too. Any way this might fit on a 06 YZ450F?
  13. Hardwire

    Crashed at Sand Hill

    I just bought a new one from www.yamahasportsplaza.com, was only $248. (4th gear on whooped out trails can be fun...)
  14. Hardwire

    Subframe ??

    How about an 05 fitting on a 06? They look very similar.