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  1. Apologies if this is a repost, but I have searched and found nothing on the boards... The thumpertalk shop has this full system available (and at a good price!) but it does state it is universal and one should make sure it is a good fit for one's bike even after having selected the vehicle on the top of the page! A little frustrating I should say, but here it goes: IS THIS A GOOD FIT FOR THE 2009 CRF 450X? Also, the description is a bit misleading in what this is made of? Titanium or Aluminium? The header and the slip on? https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/Akrapovic-Racing-Line-Full-System-Hexagonal-Titanium-Muffler-Titanium-p4584093.html Thanks!
  2. nbarros

    Where to ride in Perth?

    Thanks man. I'll definitely take a look.
  3. Moved in about 8 months ago and just recently got a bike. Anyone want to share riding spots in (around) Perth?
  4. nbarros

    CRF450R start in (very) cold

    Thanks for the replies. I will try the tricks before I rejet... I really appreciate the specifics and will look into it once I can, but for now I will try to avoid rejetting. Yes, I am! Simples studs on a different set of tires and I just change them for winter. In fact I prefer riding the trails and portages in between lakes, but once in a while I hit a cleared path like a dog sledding track. Some guys here will build an ice track and race on quads and bikes, but I honestly find it boring.
  5. Hi, this is my first winter with my new (to me) '06 CRF450R. I live up in the North in Yellowknife, Canada and good riding weather for me here can be as cold as -20 C (that's -4 F for you folks). I'm ok starting my CR250, but am completely new to riding 4 strokes in this winter... Any tips on how I get my bike going? Thanks,
  6. nbarros

    Wheel Compatibility

    I did some research on the topic just to avoid starting a completely new thread... so I have a question about this. Will a 01 CR250 set of wheels fit the 06 CRF450?
  7. It looks so easy that I feel like trying... I'll tell you guys how it went.
  8. Up here it is still cold as hell (!?!), but me like it! First time with my new helmet camera a week ago. http://www.vholdr.com/node/75883
  9. nbarros

    PW50 Help!

    Thanks man. I´ll definitely check this one out.
  10. nbarros

    PW50 Help!

    Nothing man... and to make matters worse the weather here is really bad now. Raining a lot and temperatures of around 8C. It sucks. I haven't worked on it for a while now. Just waiting for the weather to give a break, but it is unlikely. Usually by Halloween Yellowknife is packed in snow already! I'll let you guys know if I do make any progress. Thanks.
  11. nbarros

    PW50 Help!

    So I take it you're saying kicking repeatedly is correct, right? I did check the reeds... Them seemed fine to me, like what I've seen before. What should I look for in reeds for checking? What do you mean by hot? The gasket is gone and I made a new one out of "gasket paper" I bought.
  12. nbarros

    PW50 Help!

    Haha... I figured I was getting you guys confused! I don't think the PW carb has anything too dramatic in terms of clog. I myself cleaned and then checked it twice. Yamaha did it to... The gas in the zinger should be too old. Don't know if the oil would decay too, but that one is old too. I'll change the gas. It is. I mean, with the air box removed I can see it acting. I actually see the choke moving and opening up the circuit. Also I saw gas being spit up backwards, right? So I guess as far as this mechanism goes it should be ok.
  13. nbarros

    PW50 Help!

    good point... is that how we do it?
  14. nbarros

    PW50 Help!

    Nope. I just tried that. Lifted the rear wheels, turned to RUN and started accelerating it slowly then hard. It went well for a while, choke was down already, then suddenly it stalled while it was reving up!