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  1. Wicked6

    in-engine chain issues 2005 rmz 450

    having the same issue with my 2005. Cam chain is slipping and I cannot figure the cause. following instructions to the "t" for tightening. Each time the timing is set at TDC, journal hlolders are tight, and you turn the engine over to check timing before it is put back together, the timing skips a few teeth. No clue.
  2. Wicked6

    RMZ starting issue

    I did try to use the hot start but it did not seem to start easier. It did seem to start easier after gently heating the cylinder head with a propane torch. The bike probably has about 40 hours on it. I had the valves re-done but that was almost two years ago and it had run great since. Gotta check valves this weekend and will get back.
  3. Wicked6

    RMZ starting issue

    Really? Flip flops eh? Thanks. I thought about that too but could not believe that they could change over the course of the off-season. Maybe they were in need of adjustment last Fall and I did not realize. Thanks.
  4. Wicked6

    RMZ starting issue

    In desperate need of some assistance. I have an '05 RMZ-450 and have recently had some serious starting issues. Bike was put away last December for the Winter when it ran and started fine. This Spring when I rolled it out for the first time in April, the bike does not want to start. It honestly takes no less than 75 kicks to start. I changed the plug, it has fresh gas, had the carb apart twice and removed and cleaned all the jets. Checked for any blockage in the air intake, exhaust, and checked to make sure I have good spark. Visually inspected the coil, magneto, and stater. All look fine. Come on all you mechanical experts, give me your thoughts.
  5. Wicked6

    Setting the Timing

    Anybody have a good step by step on setting the timing on the '05 450's (other than the service/owner manual procedure.) I know that the book is correct but thought someone out there might have better real world experience.
  6. Wicked6

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    Had an issue with my '05 450 as well. Engine seized up on it while I was trail riding. Bike has not been raced and I am meticulous about maintenance. Had to tear the engine down and re-build the cylinder head and valves. Pretty unfortunate because the bike has less than 30 hours on it. Too bad because this has been my favorite bike so far and I have been riding for 25 years. While Suzuki may not do much for me or anyone else, I think it is important to let them know about your issues. There seems to be plenty.
  7. Wicked6

    looking for stock yz pipe

    Got a pipe for an '05. Let me know if you are interested. Great shape. No dents, dings or otherwise. Super low hours on it.
  8. Wicked6

    tapping from engine on 06'?

    I had that noise on my '05. I did a top end and the noise went away. I was the second owner of the low hours machine though. So, no telling if the kid broke it in right.
  9. Wicked6

    Timing Trouble

    I suppose the valve could have failed but what would cause that to happen? That was my first time rebuilding it but I really tried to follow to the letter in the book. I must have missed something. But like I said, it was running like a champ prior to the actual incident. You all have been really helpful!
  10. Wicked6

    Timing Trouble

    I am guessing that might be the case as well. Could swear it was adjusted on the compression stroke but it was so long ago, I cannot remember. Thanks for the tips. Do you know if there is an engine service manual available for the bike? I have the Owner/Service Manual but it does not give a whole lot of detail. When I called a local Suzuki dealership, they said that there was no service manual available.
  11. Wicked6

    Timing Trouble

    That is about what I figure too on the timing chain. However, I did not hear any excessive noise from the engine at all. In fact, it was running better than ever that weekend. A little history. The top end was re-built and a new timing chain and guides were installed during the winter months. The timing chain was adjusted after the re-build and the bike was ridden twice after that. (Probably about 4 hours total after the new top end.) The timing chain seemed tight when we took the engine apart and no excessive noise. All I can figure is like you said, the shain must have skipped.
  12. Wicked6

    Timing Trouble

    Hey all. Have an issue and I was hoping to get your expert feedback. Have an '05RMZ 450. Two weeks ago while I was riding, the bike jumped timing somehow and caused the piston to smash into an exhaust valve, breaking the exhaust valve, of course. The bike has only been riddne about a dozen times and has not been raced. It is used mostly for trail riding and recreation type stuff. When we took the engine apart, there was no visible signs indicating why it might have happened. The timing chain appeared to be tight, the cam gears appear to be fine and the crank gear is fine. The engine damage was minor but I am really curious how this might have happened. Anybody ever heard of something like this?
  13. Wicked6

    RMZ Header

    Wondering if anyone has done research on header pipes for the RMZ450. I have an '05 and am leaning towards a PC Type 496 USFS approved slip-on but am curious if there is a better header the the PC header. I do a lot of National Forest riding and racing in the woods and am looking to give the bike some more hit on the bottom of the power curve and a more crisp throttle response. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.