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  1. norton70

    triple clamp bent?

    yea, its helpful...i just wonder if that is my situation also....how did u determine that your fork is forward...did u use some type of straight edge? or could it be seen just using eyes.
  2. norton70

    heavier fork oil?

    do does all of this mean that the forks were soft from the get go,...i thought mine were soft just cause it was a 15 year old dirt bike..
  3. norton70

    heavier fork oil?

    I Was Hoping This Could Be Done With The Forks On The Bike....isnt There A Way To Get Rid Of The Oil Without Dropping The Fork Tubes?
  4. norton70

    heavier fork oil?

    how do u get the old fork oil out, how much do u add....is it as easy as it sounds?
  5. norton70

    2nd gear dramas...

    i have a 91 dr 350 dirt model, mine jumps out of second when letting off the throttle or coasting...i just figured because i am probably the th 5th owner, and the thing had been beat...maybe it is a design flaw?
  6. norton70

    triple clamp bent?

    it seems like my 91 dr 350 while riding it looks like it is turning slightly to the left....the bars are new, so i know that aint the problem, i recently bought the bike, maybe it was laid down or hit a tree, i dont know, but with the bars straight, it wanders a little to the right, then while driving straight, it looks like the bars are turned slightly left, could it be my forks are messed up? or is it the upper portion of the fork clamps that could be off? how does one check the line up? thanks.
  7. norton70

    adding a horn to a 350R? is it possible

    i didnt think 6 or 12 volt horns would work...thats what i read on a previous post..so the horn that works for u would need to be investigated...otherwise it seems like there is a high possibility of the horn not coming on or being loud due to lack of electrical power
  8. norton70

    adding a horn to a 350R? is it possible

    yes, it does help, do u have a pic of your mounted, i would like to see where u placed it?
  9. norton70

    adding a horn to a 350R? is it possible

    can u add a horn to a dirt model...run it off the headlight power lead? i have read that the headlight is a 5 volt power, since i have a 91 350 with no battery, what type of horn can i use? has anybody done this successfully?
  10. norton70

    dual sporting a dirt model (dr350)

    did u ever find a horn that will run from the 5 volts of headlight power?
  11. norton70

    adding life to old forks

    i just bought a 91 dr 350 and the forks are tired, the preload is at the max already, with only about 1 1/2 turns left on the dampening, what cheap method can be done to add stiffening, thicker oil? more oil?
  12. can i take the speedo and tach from a 90 dr 350s and put them on my 91 dr 350 (dirt model), if so, what powers the tach, does it determine revs off of the ignition box, or does it come from the coil...? also, will the already odometer cable power the speedo and read correctly?