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  1. DubWR

    ContiForce SM's

    Cheers for the reply mate . So basically the unthreaded bit will act like a slick? Yeah, wouldn't lean it that far in the wet or loose stuff myself
  2. DubWR

    ContiForce SM's

    Realise this may be a silly question, but its bothering me. On the front Conti SM's, why does the thread not go all the way to the edge like the rears? Will the tyre grip if you go beyond the thread? Thanks for any input
  3. DubWR

    DRZ400SM fork height?

    Not sure about that Keith, how would I check? Thanks
  4. DubWR

    DRZ400SM fork height?

    Hi Ola, Thanks for the reply. The tyres are the standard Dunlops. Bike is only 2 months old
  5. DubWR

    DRZ400SM fork height?

    Come on lads, give a guy a break. I need help here :-(
  6. DubWR

    DRZ400SM fork height?

    Having noticed that the handling on the front of the bike was not quite right I decided to check the front end for all the usual stuff first ( tyre pressure, bearings etc ). While doing this I noticed that 1 of the fork legs was higher in the triple clamp than the other ( possibly since a minor get-off ). I adjusted the higher fork til it was level with the lower one Approx 10mm above the clamp but this has not solved the problem. Should I have adjusted the lower one to the height of the higher one? ie how high above the triple clamps should the forks be? The front still feels wrong. The front wheel is"pattering" even on a smooth straight road and feels like it is ready to "wash out" on corners. Thanks for any help
  7. DubWR

    RS3 exhaust sound?

    Is the RS3 the best choice for the SM? How much is it on TT cos I can only find a price for the S or E? And if you have ordered it from here, what part code did you use? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any help.
  8. DubWR

    Tool kit bag!

    I know its only a minor thing, but that bag on the back is annoying the fu*k out of me ( after 2 days ). Also it is an awful temptation for kids and messers and could end up with the bike being damaged. So has anyone found a way of filling the holes left after removal, maybe with a small rack or something? Any help appreciated.
  9. DubWR

    D208 Sportmax

    Hi all, New to the site and just picked up my brand new SM today . Was just wondering what everyone thought of the OE tyres. Are they OK? Thanks, Bill