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  1. TrailRiderXRL

    CRF50 Fuel Screw

    Hi All, My daughters 50 is starting to seep fuel out of the fuel screw. I can't find what size the o-ring is supposed to be. Local Honda dealer looked it up and can't find a part number or that it even has an o ring there. This a completely stock bike. Thanks
  2. TrailRiderXRL

    XR650R Idle Issues?

    My XR650R suddenly won't idle properly. When I start the bike it will idle fairly normaly for about 30 seconds then it will quickly rev upto about 3200-3400 rpm. If I blip the throttle it will come back down but then rise again. I've checked the valves, plug, throttle free play and they all seem fine. I checked for a leak around the intake and can't find one. The one thing that did seem out of place is the fuel screw. I have always had it set a 2 turns out and it has ran great like that. When I checked it, it was almost 3 1/2 turns out. I didn't change it and I'm pretty sure my kids didn't either. Is it possible that it backed out on its own? Is there some sort of rubber O ring that should be on the fuel screw? I can't get it to stay at a low enough idle to play with the fuel screw. Any suggestions I what might be the problem?
  3. TrailRiderXRL

    Analyze my plug!

    Thanks! The fuel screw was the issue. It was set at half a turn out! Not sure how it got there. Its at 2 1/4 out now and the idle is perfect!
  4. I'm taking the carb of to trouble shoot a idle issue. The bike is set to idle around 1400-1500 rpm, but I'm having an issue with it slowing increasing up to 2600-2800 after a few seconds. If I blip the throttle it drops back to normal then within 5-10 seconds it climbs up to the high idle. I pulled the plug and was hoping to get some feedback on my jetting since I have the carb off I thought I might try fine tune it. The bike runs good other than the idle issue. Water temp from the Vapor is 180 at cruise in 85-90 air temp. 2003 XRR uncorked with the recommended jet settings for 500-1000 asl. I've got an unifilter and drilled side cover otherwise stock. Thanks
  5. TrailRiderXRL

    Need a dualsport seat for XR650R

    I'm in Ontario (Cambridge) also and was planning on ordering the same seat. Do you have any riding time with it yet? Any reviews you have would be appreciated. Also how long did it take to get the seat? $150 cdn did that include shipping? Thanks
  6. TrailRiderXRL

    XRR & Teraflex?

    I know some of you run the big teraflex tire on the XRR. Just wondering if you have run into an issues with it touching anything. I'm running 14/45 gearing! Thanks
  7. TrailRiderXRL

    ROX riser or triple clamp to add height?

    I have them on my R and love them. I don't do huge jumps but do ride pretty hard at times and they haven't caused any issues!
  8. TrailRiderXRL

    New 650R owner - looking for a better seat!!

    Looks great! Is it much wider than stock?
  9. TrailRiderXRL

    New 650R owner - looking for a better seat!!

    I've been looking around for a new seat and haven't decided on one yet. The guts racing tall stock looks like it would work well. The taller foam might have more "give" to compared with the stocker. Can anyone comment on the tall stock vs tall soft?
  10. TrailRiderXRL

    Cylinder head replacement for XR650R

    I see 200 deg every so often in tight slow trails. Just wondering what valve the decompresser operates. Could it be the left intake? Thats the one that broke. If it is that one then it looks like maybe your shop overtightened that valve..
  11. TrailRiderXRL

    Cylinder head replacement for XR650R

    Did you have any boil over from the rad? Any indication that it was running hot? I'm sure glad I put a Trailtech Vapour on my bike this winter. Nice to know what temp it's running at!! Hope you get it all back together soon!
  12. TrailRiderXRL

    xr650r - just jetted and not running so good

    3 with the HRC needle.
  13. TrailRiderXRL

    xr650r - just jetted and not running so good

    A 178 had a 175 and it ran real good with non modded side panel!
  14. TrailRiderXRL

    xr650r - just jetted and not running so good

    I think I screwed up the vent lines on the carb! Is there any good resource that identifies the proper routing? I rejetted for the opened up side panel, +1 jet size up on the main and changed the fuel screw. Bike idles great but around half throttle it has a big bog or flat spot. Would vent lines cause this? Thanks
  15. TrailRiderXRL

    650R DS battery?

    Thanks for the link! Will any rechargeable AA battery work? I plan to get some today!