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  1. rangeratlarge

    New to TTR

    Just bought the ttr 230 for my son who is about your size and if fits perfect. not much more $$ for more bike. the 125 is too small for you, you will regret it!!
  2. rangeratlarge

    The Toys

    The desert near Salton Sea (which is adjacent to OW and has similar terrain) just off 86s RAL
  3. rangeratlarge

    The Toys

    It is a 2500 series which is 3/4 ton (leaf springs v. coil over and 8.1L V8) and pulls it with no prob
  4. rangeratlarge

    The Toys

    Finally got it all together for the first trip. Me and my son riding in the desert....does it get any better?! http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j254/rangeratlarge/KIF_1446.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j254/rangeratlarge/KIF_1419.jpg
  5. rangeratlarge

    Picture: The Ultimate trail tool kit.

    That's soooo wrong
  6. rangeratlarge

    Fuel Stabilizer?!

    Does anyone use fuel stabilizer in their bike to combat fuel varnish in the carb?? Anyone have an opinoin on using it??? ~RAL
  7. rangeratlarge

    HOLY COW!! Just did the MODs

    I am a big guy (6' 1" 220lbs) and have set the sag to what the Yamaha say in the manual. Nothing else yet. Last time I rode any serious dirt was in my teens (39 now) and I have not had this bike or been back into it long enough to have a feel for what right feels like on the dirt bike. I HAVE been riding street many years and know enough to understand what all the adjustments are, but gonna leave it stock for now to get a feel for a starting point. Any suggestions for a larger guy on this bike as far as suspension adjustment/MODs?
  8. rangeratlarge

    HOLY COW!! Just did the MODs

    Yes I am in the "Republik" and will keep my bike legal. Pipe will come with $$ (as if having any ever stops us)
  9. rangeratlarge

    HOLY COW!! Just did the MODs

    Search it...Buy it.....Do it
  10. rangeratlarge

    Picture: The Ultimate trail tool kit.

    I am just getting back into riding and new to desert/long trail riding and am putting a kit together. This thread is great for ideas. I am a great advocate of multi use items. Having been in the Army/Infantry for 21+ years you learn real fast when you have to carry it on your back for days at a time how to save space and weight. It is one of those occupations that make you learn how to improvise in bad situations but you can MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK with preparedness by carrying some multi use items. Camelbak Hydration pack (MULE version is great for riding just the right size): great to carry many things like....water, tools, food, clothing to adjust on or off for changing weather in morning or evening rides. Leatherman knife/tool: BEST EVER fix it item (don't get any other brand you will regret it) Cable (zip) ties Electric tape Duct tape: take some and put many wraps around the handle of one of your other tools (ratchet handle) then you can take pieces as you need it just like off the original roll. Don't forget survival items for that worst case situation (remember I warned you I was in the army) Emergency Space/reflective blanket: is about the size of a deck of card and lighter that that will be invaluable if you get stuck or injured (think warmth/shade/sheter) 10-20 feet of light but stong cord (to make the shade/shelter with the above mentioned shelter). Cigarette lighter (fire) signal mirror (for when the cell phone does not work) All the above listed survival items are the bare minimum and will fit in any waist pack along with your tools AND will only add up to a few ounces at best. CHEAP AND LIGHT insurance!!! Good luck ~RAL
  11. rangeratlarge

    HOLY COW!! Just did the MODs

    Well you all said it was so but I guess until you do it you don't realize how much of a difference the GYTR AIS kit make!!! I just did it last week and took the bike out for a short test run an it RIPs Did all the MODs listed in the GYTR AIS removal kit and it is the best $39 you can spend (yes I know you have all repeated this time and time again) BTW this was the first time I ever took a carb apart on ANY vehicle (uncle looked over my shoulder to help) and was amazed as to how easy it really was. Figured if I was gonna get back into riding I should learn my own maintenance so I rolled up the sleeves and dug in. TOO EASY!! ~RAL
  12. rangeratlarge

    661 Pressure Suit

    I have the blue one. It has a hard plastic spine protection and better yet is the built in elbow and forearm hard plastic potection. Had a pretty good get-off last month were the elbows would have been toast if not for the suit. Kidney belt rides a little high. I recomend the suit but get a kidney belt too.