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  1. bubbawill blow outcarmichealwhen hes having a good day but thats not to oftenreedhas never been or ever will be competion
  2. miniryder


    whats the latest on ernesto??
  3. miniryder

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    well rc was over too why give the pooints back
  4. miniryder

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    they did it to bubba last year in the outdoor season and nobody was investigating his situation
  5. miniryder

    RC Got His Points Back!

    i heard they fined team suzuki 20,000$. to me or you that sounds like alot but when they get 1,000,000$ when they win the championship. so theres no comparison i think they should've just kept the 25 pts. he dosent need them he still has a chance to win with 7 races left in the season
  6. miniryder

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    b/s if they were just going to give the points back why even take them in the first place?me and some other people still want ricky to win just without those points to see how good he is. put him to the test