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  1. minisrule

    is a 250f up too the job?

    i just got off a CR 80 and moved up to 250f and love it. A bit tall but lots of fun.
  2. minisrule

    250f Suzuki ?

    Thinking about moving up to a 250f and I can get big savings on a new 2005 suzuki 250f. What do you think is it worth the money saved?
  3. minisrule

    CR85 or CR80 riders

    I raced Supermoto with my CR80 and it was stock except pipe and tires.
  4. minisrule

    It's here AMA Schedule !

    No Junior Red Riders races.
  5. minisrule

    Newbie 2 Supermoto

    I ran a Honda Cr80 with only Supermoto tires on it and it worked great.
  6. minisrule

    smaller wheels

    I ran dunlops also on my mini. They worked good