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  1. I'm there, can't wait to see the Pro's on our home track!
  2. Email Glenn or Ann here to ask your question. And the rules are listed here Hope this helps, we are glad to get new faces in our series.
  3. I hear Nicky Hayden is racing, should be an awesome race!
  4. How far is that track from Kennesaw, Ga I am looking at taking a new job there and I was wondering what tracks are close. Here in Wisconsin we have quite a few tracks with in 3 hrs of Wi & Il border
  5. You're full of it...
  6. See for yourselves,
  7. Woody's Wheel Works in Denver, Colo.
  8. See Davey Durell in Colorado Springs, He can make or adapt what ever you need. Unfortunatly I am at work so I don't have his phone# handy but check either Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza or Apex they should have his ph#