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  1. davext600

    Newly acquired XT500 running rough

    hi I'm sorry i cant help out but these guys are usually quite helpful and responsive to questions. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/yamaha-tech/ Hope this helps good luck dave
  2. davext600

    '86 xt600 & tenere drum brake wheels?

    anyone help me out please?
  3. Hi all Could anyone tell me if a back wheel from a tenere drum brake bike would be ok to fit on a '86 xt600 43f model? Thanks for any feedback cheers dave
  4. Hi, Whilst searching around for specs on the '86 43f, i came across this page on the german XT site. You have to translate it but might be useful to someone. http://www.xt600.de/xt_werkstatt/%2Btechnische-referenz/-wartungsdaten/wartungsdaten_xt600.htm Not sure if i posted the link properly, might have to cut and paste it:excuseme:
  5. davext600

    xt 600 1986 43f no spark. coil question?

    Thanks for your reply mrbill, not sure if those readings are correct for bike or not tho. Gonna get it load tested to know for sure if its knackered or not. thanks again dave
  6. hi all Can anyone tell me what the resistance tolerances are on the coil for a '86 xt 600 please? Trying to get her sparking again and going thru the electrics. I read that if you heat up the coil with a hairdryer or tap it with screwdriver handle the resistance shouldnt change but mine does. Wanna check it some more before i shell out on a new one, any ideas?? any help much appreciated cheers
  7. davext600

    xt600 fuel problem

    thanks for your help cleaned carb out again and alls well.
  8. davext600

    xt600 fuel problem

    thanks for your input guys going to take carb out and dismantle again, spray right thru with carb cleaner and check for any splits on the rubber connectors to the cylinder head will keep u posted cheers
  9. davext600

    xt600 fuel problem

    andbody?? just sprayed the carb cleaner thru, still backfires even when just revved high. any help would be most welcome thanks
  10. davext600

    xt600 fuel problem

    hiya 1986 xt600 cut out on me, got a good spark, didnt seem to be any fuel getting thru. took the carb off and cleaned it out with wd40, put it back on and she started ok but soon as you start opening up it backfires and pulls back etc. took the carb out again and blew it all thru with an airline but still the same. anyone got any ideas on what to do next please? maybe some crud still in there? gonna spray some carb cleaner thru it tonight while its running, good idea? cheers guys
  11. davext600

    43f xt600 doesnt turn off??

    cheers cleonard bit late getting back to you, but found the b/w wire broke in two in the main loom under the tank. thanks for your help dave
  12. davext600

    43f xt600 doesnt turn off??

    thanks for your reply I'll have to check the entire kill switch circuit, including the switch itself as soon as possible. mite not happen for a few days or so but will keep u posted. dave
  13. hi could anyone point me in the right direction plz? when i turn off the ignition the engine still runs, the kill switch doesnt work either. This used to happen now & again but now it permanent. The lights & horn ect dont work when the ignition is off but the bike can be started. I've visually checked the wiring & can't see any obvious damage or loose connections. any help would be appreciated thx in advance dave
  14. davext600

    drum brake on xt600 '86

    thanks for your replies guys i expect i'll probly wait around for a suitable wheel off ebay, they go for about £50 gonna be 20yrs old tho, but as long as it keeps the bike going its all good. just wanted to see if anyone had done anything like skimming etc. too much hassle involved for my liking! got enough time spent trying to keep car on the road for work. cheers guys