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  1. ME2fast

    Hey. new Here

    thanks man, im gonna be putting it up in some local ads in papers and stuff soon.... so it should sell pretty fast. maybe once i get a job if i have plenty of spare money after i get a car and stuff ill pick up a bike, who knows.
  2. ME2fast

    Hey. new Here

    just for the record... i never said my bike was "tricked out" lol, i dont talk like that. but i get where your coming from. and also, i really wasnt expecting a trade, i just wanted to get the word out its for sale, for 250+ shipping, so let me know if anyone is interested. AIM - YankeeFanOF
  3. ME2fast

    Hey. new Here

    for starters, you can make your own topic, lol, and not hi-jack mine. haha.
  4. ME2fast

    Hey. new Here

    hey eaterofdog, i recognize you. lol, yah i definately wouldnt mind getting a pitbike, but i dont wanna spend any money since im saving for a car, so im hoping someone will trade me one, maybe one that needs some tuning? idc, ill get it running rigt.
  5. ME2fast

    Hey. new Here

    yah but i wanna trade it for a pitbike... not sell it i would sell it, cheap too, 250 + shipping, ill take either. let me know if u guys wanna work something out.
  6. ME2fast

    Hey. new Here

    Hey everyone. Im new here. My friend down the street recently just bought a pitbike, and i like them, and wouldnt mind have one. only problem is, i have a pocket bike. its pretty quick. with all the mods and bike its worth about 400 dollars. and i was just wondering if any of you guys would like to trade, id even trade it for a bike that needs some minor work. or you guys know of somewhere where i might get an offer? let me know. thanks in advance.