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  1. forbes421

    Yoshimura exhaust

    The yosh exhaust made a huge difference in the roll on power on this bike It doesnt stick out as much as the stock so that shouldnt be an issue. The only draw back was the price. I sent a response to your PM.
  2. I have a complete system for an 07 which I am told will fit 06-07. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. forbes421

    Yoshimura exhaust

    Just got my RS-2 system for my 07. It helps all the way through but the roll on power is very impressive. Has anyone else got this system for their 07? Just wondering what you thought if you did. I am selling the stock exhaust exhaust so if anyone is interested let me know.
  4. forbes421

    Wife buying me a private motocross lesson

    I took the Rick Johnson class a couple years back and felt I learned alot. I believe its RJMX.com
  5. forbes421

    av gas??

    The dye they add to make it blue will clog your jets if it sits. The 100 low lead has about 7 times the amount of lead that regular gas used to have. The cost is so close to race gas that it is just not worth it.
  6. forbes421

    06 Crf250r Bog

    The latest Motocross Action recomends the Boyessen Quickshot for this problem. Have one but have not installed it yet.