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  1. dirtbike_newb

    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    I wanted to add to this since everybody was on the subject of how much they love their 400. I bought mine back in Feb in awesome condition for being an older bike. It was also my first bike coming from owning quads and riding my friend's CR500. I put a bigger tank on for long trail rides as well as a JD jet kit. To me this thing is a beast...I can't imagine what a 450 would be like. I can tell its got a little weight up top, but I love it anyways. When I was back in Ocala for plant shutdown I had a chance to race my buddy on his CR500 and another on a 525EX. My friend w/ the 500 was impressed, but the KTM rider was really surprised. He and I were pretty much even. I've got some video of us racing in a field that I will post if I can. Edit: Here's a couple unedited vids. http://www.basob.com/movies/race.wmv http://www.basob.com/movies/race2.wmv
  2. dirtbike_newb

    Comments on 99YZ400f

    I just got one about a month and a half ago, it's just plain awesome. I put a big tank on it and a JD jet kit and I couldn't be happier with it. From what I've heard on here, the valves hardly ever need adjusting and rarely wear out. That is something I know most crf riders can't say for their bikes.
  3. dirtbike_newb

    1999 yz400f questions

    I bought a 99 yz400f about a month ago. I've always had sport quads and rode my buddy's cr500 whenever we'd go ride together. He finally persuaded me to get a bike and I am extremely happy with it so far. Its got plenty of power and I haven't had any issues with it. I just put a 3.3 clarke tank w/ WR reserve petcock (forest riding mostly), 48 pilot, and a JD jet kit, and MAN!! its got even more bite to go with the bark plus it starts much easier. You will be happy with it, I've heard nothing but good things so far. As long as you follow the starting drill you won't have any problems.
  4. dirtbike_newb

    troubles with 99 yz400f

    I just got a 99 yz400 and I've rode it hard and it hasn't had any coolant issues yet.
  5. dirtbike_newb

    Adjustable Fuel Screw?

    According to the TT Store, the FMS02 is meant for the yz/wr 400. The FMS01 is for yz/wr 426, 250, and 450 bikes.
  6. dirtbike_newb

    Adjustable Fuel Screw?

    I also looked all over for a fuel screw and found that the difference in the float bowl between the 400s and the 450s requires a different screw for clearance issues. I just purchased a Zip Ty screw (FMS02) as well as a JD jetting kit from the TT Store.
  7. dirtbike_newb

    New Guy...99 YZ400F

    After looking through that filter test, it seems their results show the UNI as being the worst of the bunch as far as filtering small particles goes. The UNI had a longer time until max restriction, but that was probably because all the dust that would normally be causing a restriction was passing right through it. It also shows that the K&N does require more frequent cleaning because of its short time to max restriction, but I clean mine nearly every other ride. If I were to base a decision off of that test, I'd have to be a fool to switch to a UNI. I am an engineer and nearly every bit of data from that test shows the K&N superior to the UNI. The scaling on the filter efficiency graph also makes the K&N appear worse than it is. It's only a little over 3% less efficient than their best filter in the test, and only a little over 1% less efficient than the UNI. However I do know the K&N's aren't widely known for their superior fine particle filtering. That is why I've run one with an outerwear for nearly 3 years on my modified yamaha warrior engine and its been totally reliable, doesn't smoke, and is as powerful as the day I built it. Most of its running time has been in very dusty conditions. I believe the main factor in maintaining performance and prolonging engine life of these types of engines boils down to maintainence. Keep the oil changed, the valves in spec, and the filter clean. In my experience this has resulted in a reliable and high performing engine despite an "inefficent" air filter. Sorry for the long post and thanks for the advice. I really appreciate all your help.
  8. dirtbike_newb

    New Guy...99 YZ400F

    Thats good to hear. I've seen the Hotcams listed for about 160, how much can I expect to pay for the 450 cam? Is 03 the right year to fit my bike? Also, where can I buy the 450 cam? I've checked ebay, but only hotcams. Thanks for the replies and the great information.
  9. dirtbike_newb

    New Guy...99 YZ400F

    Okay, from what I've read of the 96 pages of the cam mod, there are differning opinions on whether or not to run the 450 decomp cam. I dont want to wear out a chain, so I'd rather pay for the right thing. Does anybody have any evidence either way on a 98-99 400? The sag thing makes sense, the lower I set the rear, the more caster I'm putting into the forks and the slower responding the steering is. But will this make much a difference for a rec rider, not a racer? What is so bad w/ the K&N? Will a dual-stage foam work that much better? Thanks for the info, I'm still getting used to taking my feet off the pegs (against my quad instincts) so be patient with me.
  10. dirtbike_newb

    New Guy...99 YZ400F

    First of all I want to say hi and from the looks of it this place seems to be really helpful. I've been on sport quads for about 10 years with plenty of dirtbike experience, just no ownership. I just bought a yz400f Tuesday and am looking for any advice you all are willing to give. Its got a K&N filter and PC T4. I'm still gonna check on the jetting, its got a little pop on decel so I might go up on the pilot. I also have a few questions. - Can I adjust seat height by reducing the preload on the rear shock? If so, how much. I'm 5'10" and a couple inches would make a world of difference. I'm mainly gonna be on trails and the previous owner was always at the track, so I'm not worried about it being too soft. - How long can I expect to run on a tank of fuel at a medium pace (fire roads)? Should I look into an oversized tank? - Do you guys recommend any decomp cam over another (yz450 vs hotcam...etc)? I've got the drill down, but it seems the cam will make it much easier starting. - What other recommendations do you have? I love the power of this machine and can't wait to get better acquainted with it. Here's a few pics Thanks!