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  1. madmatt69

    bent axle

    what do you guys think about the G-force axles? they seem to be pretty cheap and there all over ebay.
  2. madmatt69

    bent axle

    oh ya forgot that part... ya its a 04 ltz400
  3. madmatt69

    Suzuki bent axle

    so the last trip of last years season i had a rollover and messed up the quad pretty good. i bent the subframe and replaced that but just took it out up the street and realized the right rear wheel was wobbling pretty good and that the axle is bent. i looked around on the internet and they are about 365$ ! is there any way to get it straightened? or any other option to do besides buying a new one? thanks MATT
  4. madmatt69

    top end torque specs

    i am rebuilding my friends 1991 rm 250 i was wondering what the torque specs are for the cylinder and head. thank u any help is wanted
  5. madmatt69

    02 cr250 top end

    i need to buy a new top end for my 250 wheres some goodplaces around riverside/ san bernardino county i could get a kit from? thank much appreciation
  6. madmatt69

    light on 02 cr 250

    i wanna get a light for my 250 wht kind should i get and wht do i have to do to make it work? i want to make it have a type of quick conect so ican put on my regular number plate for other ridein like track or freestyle.
  7. madmatt69


    i disagree i gottht crap all over my moter and i ride it hard! ive messed with the jetting for the past 5 months and also put in v force reeds, and a top end. IT JUST SPLOOGES! live with it and ride it like u mean it
  8. madmatt69


    i was rebuilden my 02 cr 250 and my friend said tht it was nickleplated and if i hoonde' it then i would have to re nickle plate it and it would be like 500bucks! so is it true there nickleplated? and if i did hone it would i have to re plate it?
  9. madmatt69

    02 cr250 vs. 02 cr250

    i got a 02 and i thought it was fast then my friend got a 04 and its hells faster on the bottom and we raced on the street and his pulled away! they both got the same stuff but his has got a pro circuit shorty silencer and mines got a powercore 2 but it doesnt matter cuz im hells faster in corners
  10. madmatt69

    powervalve settings/ adjustments

    thank u
  11. wht are the settings on the rc valve for a 02 cr 250 ???!??
  12. madmatt69

    torque settings

    im gana redo my topend in a couple days on my 02 cr250 and was woundering how many ft/lbs of torque i should do on the head and cylinder bolts ??
  13. madmatt69

    2002 CR250 Owners

    where u located?
  14. madmatt69

    new clutch

    ok thnkx
  15. madmatt69

    new clutch

    ok thnks guys but now idont have money to spend on a clutch i need to get a new top end i have aservice manual but my uncle let his friend borrow it. do u know how much compression the bike should have ?(02 cr 250)?