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  1. Here's how this goes.....I used to race MX from when i was 4... my parents bought me the bike brand new when i was ten and it was my learning bike cuz i was still racing 60's.....i bumped up to 80's the next year and raced on it...then the year coming around my parents got a divorce and i couldnt race anymore because of the money situation... then i rode it a couple more times that folowing winter and on the last time it lost almost all power.... now its been sittign for about 5 years... I'm 18 now into car's and need the money to finish my car right now... I dont have a manual and im pretty mechanical so i was just looking hwere to start...the nearest honda shop is about an hour away..... so i was hoping to get a good grasp on the problem with the bike. i think my buddy could prolly hook me up with a deal hes a pro rider now...Thanks for your help!... I hope its not the top end!!! I'm looking to get some money out of this thing...!!!! Thankyou all!!! I'm going to order some Reed's and rip into the thing this weekend!!!
  2. Well it lost power and is hard to take off!!! think its reeds? or where should i start?
  3. Well like the title says....im trying to figure out if it has reeds or a powervalve... thanks