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  1. Mine is an 06 and I'm on the original battery.
  2. After doing a bunch of research I settled on Shell Rotella T. I used to use Bel-Ray in all my bikes but the price has gone up a lot in the last five years so a switch was in order. Even though the WR doesn't take much oil I use the Rotella T in all my toys to make things easier.
  3. If you have a $5 head wear a $5 helmet.
  4. I agree they are both top of the line, just pick one that fits you the best.
  5. I love my SIDIs. They are one of the best purchases I've made.
  6. I have this same boot in the same color. Good deal for a super boot, I can't believe how comfortable mine are from the very first time I put them on.
  7. Start out with a smaller easy out that way you can always go up in size. I would soak the bolt for a couple hours with PB Blaster or liquid wrench. If there is no tension on it it should come out with a punch . If any of you don't have a Starrett snap punch thay are the cat's ass.
  8. When I changed my oil a couple weeks ago I took off the skid plate because the motor needed a complete cleaning. I forgot that I was going to machine out a larger opening to get to this drain bolt. A lot of oil doesn't come out of here but I think it's a good idea to remove it anyway.
  9. I think $2500 is slightly high but it all depends on how it looks.
  10. I would say your friend is not too bright. Two totally different lubricants. An air filter doesn't do a very good job of stopping the dirt particles without the oil and chain lube doesn't have the viscosity to do the job.
  11. Check this link out. You won't find a better boot for the money. http://www.ridenowonline.com/product_detail.aspx?item_guid=4d2a970b-1ed9-40aa-b8fc-ebbc8dc6f3b5
  12. Good luck getting it back.
  13. I thought it was funny.
  14. I have both and enjoy both. Quads are better for hauling the kids but the bikes are faster.