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  1. Moto5

    Do these bikes eat batteries ?

    Mine is an 06 and I'm on the original battery.
  2. Moto5

    WR450 oil recommendation

    After doing a bunch of research I settled on Shell Rotella T. I used to use Bel-Ray in all my bikes but the price has gone up a lot in the last five years so a switch was in order. Even though the WR doesn't take much oil I use the Rotella T in all my toys to make things easier.
  3. Moto5

    Shoei or Arai?

    If you have a $5 head wear a $5 helmet.
  4. Moto5

    Shoei or Arai?

    I agree they are both top of the line, just pick one that fits you the best.
  5. Moto5

    Sidi Crossfire SRS -OR- Gaerne SG10

    I love my SIDIs. They are one of the best purchases I've made.
  6. Moto5

    Sidi Crossfire SRS -OR- Gaerne SG10

    I have this same boot in the same color. Good deal for a super boot, I can't believe how comfortable mine are from the very first time I put them on.
  7. Moto5

    Buttery Oil Frame Bolt Busted

    Start out with a smaller easy out that way you can always go up in size. I would soak the bolt for a couple hours with PB Blaster or liquid wrench. If there is no tension on it it should come out with a punch . If any of you don't have a Starrett snap punch thay are the cat's ass.
  8. Moto5

    Another Oil Change Question

    When I changed my oil a couple weeks ago I took off the skid plate because the motor needed a complete cleaning. I forgot that I was going to machine out a larger opening to get to this drain bolt. A lot of oil doesn't come out of here but I think it's a good idea to remove it anyway.
  9. Moto5

    Am I asking too much for this bike?

    I think $2500 is slightly high but it all depends on how it looks.
  10. Moto5

    does anybody

    I would say your friend is not too bright. Two totally different lubricants. An air filter doesn't do a very good job of stopping the dirt particles without the oil and chain lube doesn't have the viscosity to do the job.
  11. Moto5

    Looking for good boots

    Check this link out. You won't find a better boot for the money. http://www.ridenowonline.com/product_detail.aspx?item_guid=4d2a970b-1ed9-40aa-b8fc-ebbc8dc6f3b5
  12. Moto5

    Stolen '04 WR450F...Reward Offered

    Good luck getting it back.
  13. Moto5

    Interesting classified ad..

    I thought it was funny.
  14. I have both and enjoy both. Quads are better for hauling the kids but the bikes are faster.