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  1. fmf-wr

    No Spark! Help!

    I've got a 2001 wr400 i've just done the cam chain and piston and rings put it back together and it will not spark all the wiring seems fine. Any idears thankz
  2. fmf-wr

    XR vs WR

    How does the xr compear to the wr in preformance and how often do you have to change the oil etc
  3. I'm thinking of changing my wr400 to get a drz how do the to bikes compare and does the drz need a lot of mainteinence like the wr thankz a lot
  4. fmf-wr

    yz timing

    Does the yz timing make a lot of difference. Thankz.
  5. fmf-wr

    what the hell is wrong

    i have a 2001 wr400. Are you suposed to change the shims above the valves every so often. Do you have to take the head off to change them thankz a lot.
  6. fmf-wr

    why woundn't my wr start

    tail pipe
  7. I have a 2001 wr400f. I have put a fmf powercore4 pipe on it, it went well for a while. Know it willnot start. It starts for a second and cuts out. I have changed the oil,oil filter, air filter, plug. Any ideas on what the problem could be. thankz guys
  8. fmf-wr

    wr starting problems

    I have an early 2001 wr400 I have recently fitted a fmf pc4 tailpipe and all was going well but know it will not start. It starts for a second and then cutts out. I have changed the plug to a cr8e I've change the air filtrer and oil filter and oil but still no joy could it be that there is **** in the carb. Thankz
  9. fmf-wr

    WR400 Reliability?

    The wr has a much smoother power delivery and like the ktm it does need a lot of servicing. It needs a lot of oil changes and i find that i have to tighten the gear lever alot. I have a 2001 wr400 with twin headlamps, fmf pipe and yzf rear mud guard and i do trail riding a d i don't that much difference in pace bettween the two bikes.
  10. fmf-wr

    smoking wr

    I have a wr400f i've just put an fmf powercore pipe on it and now it smokes at high rpm but it only smokes white smoke. any ideas
  11. fmf-wr

    smoking wr

    I've just put an fmf powercore exaust on my bike and now it's smokes from cold what could be the problem
  12. fmf-wr

    Tire Eating 426

    The best tire to use is a soft compound I bought a michelin s12 and i've done bout 200 miles on it and it's still like new