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    Pastrana to replace Alessi for rest of season

    No way, Pastrana's our best hope of an American driver on the world stage. We have many great motorcycle riders, but few driver's that don't get sucked into the abyss that is Nascar. Support Pastrana-WRC in '09!
  2. Me and many of my riding buddies have always had great luck with Rangers. Toyota's are great little trucks but expensive for what you get. The S-10's in my experience have poor build quality. My favorite Rangers are the 93-97 generation. If you think you need a V6, make sure to get the 4.0L. Ford offered a 3.0L which is still a reliable motor, but you won't save any gas over the 4.0, so get the more powerful motor. I could get into much more detail but try looking over at therangerstation.com for some feedback on rangers.
  3. I bought the membership the first time I went, and in the half dozen times I've been back they have never asked for my membership. I do ride only on weekdays though, so that might be a factor. The staff there seem very nice. It wouldn't hurt to speak to someone and ask about skipping the membership for the day.
  4. Veg

    Baja trip with TT members?

    Try asking on www.race-dezert.com . They are the premiere dezert racing website and plenty of experienced baja racers (both bike and car) frequent the site. Maybe you could find someone who wouldn't mind you tagging along on a off weekend fun ride. I would not recommend going on your first baja ride during a pre-run. Not everybody pre-runs on bikes and full blown 600 horsepower prerunners are common on the course. If your not careful, bad things can happen along way from help.