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  1. It was enough to prove the 6.0's were going to be a problem child.....
  2. That info should be readily available on the internet, and if not, I bet the dealer can get it for you.
  3. I'd do both of them aftermarket, save a bundle and probably get better options than the factory offers.
  4. Probably could have gotten more from a boneyard, and about the same sending it across the scales on the way to the crusher! It's downright insulting what dealers are willing to do on a trade-in anymore. My sister was offered $300 for a 2500 Suburban, 4x4 with a 454. Body was pretty clean for it's age, interior was disgusting, but it ran and drove, no issues. Even had good rubber. Her husband asked they at least give them what scrap value was ($275/ton at the time).
  5. Remind me to never buy a used truck from you. I think you trump farmers when it comes to PU truck abuse!
  6. I gotta agree-every time I've towed over Vail and through Eisenhower with a NA gas motor, it's been a suck-fest. Same vehicle, same trailer, same load does just fine everywhere else.
  7. I'm willing to bet it's got my old half ton beat hands down in every aspect, including brakes (which aren't a big concern if you have good, properly maintained and set up trailer brakes). But I dragged my little enclosed from coast to coast with about the same thing he wants to load his with. The platform the SRX is built upon generally receives a 3500 lb tow rating. I would think the mfgr wouldn't give a vehicle a tow rating it can't handle.
  8. 308HP isn't enough to pull a 7x12? I guess I should NEVER tow my RV with my truck, it's only got 245HP! Ironically, X-over SUV's of today have more HP and TQ than big blocks of 15 years ago.
  9. Cubic feet of storage space, a van wins. For me, a van doesn't work, because I swap between using my truck bed to haul bikes, construction materials, etc, then drop the gooseneck or the 5th wheel plate in and use it to haul trailers.
  10. I see folks towing smaller, lighter camp trailers with Theta-platform vehicles and derivatives regularly. I'd highly suggest trailer brakes and a brake controller. I do think your weight estimate is way low for what it's going to weigh loaded and ready to go. I'd say closer to the 3k with all the stuff you want to/end up dragging along.
  11. It's not just the insurance, there is the fact that if the CSA scores rise to certain thresholds, the carrier becomes an automatic trigger for inspection at roadside, which creates more points, and more inspections, etc etc. If that wasn't enough, the carrier also gets in-house visits from inspectors more frequently, rooting through paperwork and asking questions (violations looking to happen). Then if they find enough, they just shut you down. http://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/FAQs.aspx?faqid=1561 The good old days of 'oops, sorry, we'll take care of it' are long gone, now the repercussions are exponential.
  12. As a large company, they should be even more vigilant of incorrect inspections. Obviously someone in the safety department isn't comprehending the impact of a negative inspection on their CSA scores, or they'd be instructing folks to challenge anything and everything. Insurance companies are starting to use CSA scores in calculating risk and premiums, and it won't be long (if it hasn't happened already) denying/cancelling coverage. I don't have a newer truck, but half of my panel is sef-reset breakers. I carry an assortment box of fuses in my "Oh :censored:" kit. BTW, my experience has been Pennsyltucky doesn't employ the most highly knowledgeable, highly skilled inspectors.
  13. It isn't cheap, but it's hard to beat the R value of spray foam, I've fallen in love with the stuff after using it on a few projects. It's insulation, vapor barrier and sound deadener all in one. Fills in all those cracks and cavities you'd never be able to with panel or fiberglass.
  14. If I'm going to do a slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am gasket job, I also like to use spray copper. http://www.permatex.com/products-2/product-categories/gasketing/gasket-sealants/permatex-copper-spray-a-gasket-hi-temp-sealant-detail I use it in ALL applications for old tractor engines (talking 60 year old machines, where machining tolerances weren't all that tight).
  15. And they also use a different ECM program in the IH, much lower HP and TQ numbers on their motor than the Ford, which explains the plethora of problems in the Ford chassis.