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    I have kids, thank goodness they ride so I still get to do that!
  1. Golden Graham

    2006 WR450 Exhaust fit

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Golden Graham

    2006 WR450 Exhaust fit

    Yoshimura, fmf, white Bros. and most others are not showing a listing for the 2006 WR for there exhaust systems. Can someone who has replaced there system share there experience with sizing? I am hoping that the 2005 models are the same fit. Thanks for your help. Golden Graham
  3. Golden Graham

    Pricing.. how much did you pay out the door?

    At the end of February Hahms Motorsports advertised in the "Cycle Trader" magazine the 2006 WR450 for 6359.00 Out the door. I went right down and bought one at that price. They were easy to deal with. I have bought bikes from them before and have had a good experience each time as long as I have brought a good advertised price in with me for them to beat. Otherwise you will pay too much. Good luck.