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    Honda TRX 300 no spark

    I have been helping a friend with a 99 model TRX300 with no spark. Found that the regulator/rectifier was damaged with solder sticking out the back and have replaced it with a new one. Checking the old one I found there was continuity between one of the yellow wires and the green. According to the wiring diagram the stator doesn't power the ignition but have check resistance (OK) and with a lead light it has power when cranking. I have checked the coil and got the standard resistance readings (OK). Pulse generator has 330 ohms (OK). Kill switch is switching power on and off the Black/white wire at the CDI. Power is getting to the CDI in the black, black/white and brown/red (Oil temp). Check all the above at the CDI plug (OK). No fuses are blown. I figure that this only leaves a problem with the CDI which I can't check. I can send the CDI for check and repair but this is out of state or buy new for $360 after waiting 4 weeks for back order. Previously I have managed to find a CDI to try but not in this case. Is there a way I can better check the CDI, etc ? Any help would be appreciated. Chucky.

    XR250 Rough idle/ flooding

    Thanks for all the responses and I finally found out the problem. Someone had drilled out the pilot jet. Whilst checking the carb I looked at the pilot (#45) and the hole appeared large. So I checked it against another one I had and it was 10 times the size it should have been. It was the same diameter all the way through instead of stepped down to the correct size. Only had a #48 so put it in and all fixed. This has been a bike someone has done too much fiddling with. Alway good to find the exact problem. Thanks again to all responses. now happy Chucky.

    XR250 Rough idle/ flooding

    Thanks for the response and yes I have checked the float needle/seat. Chucky.
  4. I have a XR250 96 model and it won't idle properly and appears to be flooding. Checked float level and carb etc. Checked valves and timing. Here's the funny bit. It will typically always start but runs rough like it's flooding. Turn off the fuel tap and a few seconds later it run smooth. OK float to high, but the next second after it runs smooth it cuts out. Surely it doesn't drain the fuel bowl that quick to cut out ?? Thinking electrical as the (New) plug was sooty and wet. Found spark plug cap faulty but still no good. Checked ignition coil and stator resistance but OK. Had dodgey CDI before but difficult to check ? Any ideas. Chucky.

    DR200 - No 3rd gear

    Thanks for the response. You don't happen to be able to supply the schematic you refer to do you ? Have split a few gearboxes previously but don't have a manual for the finer details. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Chucky

    DR200 - No 3rd gear

    I have a friends DR200 Dual Sports around a 2003 model and there is no 3rd gear. All gear positions are there but third gear is basically another neutral and the bike has been ridden anyway with no problems or strange noises. Drained the oil but unless there is a screen that has prevented any bits coming out, only minimal metal was found. Is there a known problem with these bikes or has anyone had a similar situation ? Thought I'd ask before I dived in. Chucky.


    Try Showandgo in South Australia. http://www.showandgo.com.au/ They can supply a pilot air screw to replace the PAJ and should be able to supply MAJ's. Have Fun Chucky.

    TPS Query

    I have test my TPS per the manual and found that at WOT it is only 3.6 ohms instead of 4-6 ohms. Does this mean I don't have full advance at WOT ?. Just to see, I rotated the TPS to full adjustment and it only gets it to 3.8 ohms. Anyone have any experience with the TPS ???. Chucky

    Skippy Exhaust Mod.

    Skippy, Chucky came from an analysis being done at work by some americans I was involved with. A friend somehow associated the name with the americans. Unfortunately I am helping someone move on the 16th so won't be able to do the ride. Regarding the muffler, how am I going to remove the 1" tube if it's also retained inside the pipe. I'm guessing but I thought maybe the three weld spots were something that is supporting the tube. I suppose if I drill the spot welds out maybe it will release it but then I would have to chop the whole end off to get it out. Welding is not an issue for me but just the unknown and not wanting to make too big a mess. I agree I could just weld everything back up but would like to know what I'm getting into first. Thanks for the response. Chucky.
  10. CHUCKY

    bk mod

    Check out below. http://motoman393.forreal.net/tech.html
  11. CHUCKY

    Skippy Exhaust Mod.

    WRSM, Mine doesnt look like any of them. The 1" tube at the back appears to run parallel to a baffle unlike one of the pics. There are also three or so spot type welds half way down the pipe that i assume are something that hold the 1" long tube. Skippy, Woody's motorcycles at Wyong/Tuggerah run rides once a month and it is free with food which usually goes into the watagans. Havent done one yet but heard about them. Try that and let me know and maybe we can meet ????. Chucky.
  12. CHUCKY

    Skippy Exhaust Mod.

    Skippy, Is it the stock Aussie WR426 stainless pipe you modified ?. My stock pipe on the WR426 2001 has a 1" tube that runs a fair way into the exhaust. Does this long 1" inch tube come out by just cutting the outer end plate or are you talking about another pipe. How does it sound ?. Some people punch a hole in the baffle plate at the end of the 1" tube and it sounds like crap. Chucky P.S. Where do you live in NSW, I live on the Central Coast near Gosford.
  13. CHUCKY

    Air Cut Valve 2002 bike

    Attached is the info on the aircut mod I received. While going through the jetting I was really having some problems with the idle and picking the right pilot jet & air jet. Me and another guy on the board made a startling discovery. Our WR's came from the factory with an "air-cut" valve on the left side of the carb. Two small allen screws and a small plate, take them off and you'll see a spring & diaphram in there. This circuit is not found on the YZ, the mold is there in the carb body, but it's not milled. This valve is constantly open, creating a little air leak, whick leans the pilot mixture slightly and requires richer jetting on the pilot...thus the 75 pilot air jet VS. the 100 in the YZ. On hard deceleration, the valve is sucked shut via manifold pressure drop and causes a rich condition, which eliminates the "pop" on decel that you get sometimes. It also makes jetting a nightmare!! I removed the took the diaphram out and snipped off the little stem that holds the valve open, then plugged off the little pin hole (on the left of the assembly), put the spring and diaphram back in. Now it's permanently shut, like the YZ. This will require you to jump to the 100 pilot air jet! My bike runs very crisp and just lights up like a top fuel dragster when whacked. YZ guys have ridden my bike and are stunned by how much better it delivers power. I'll admit, I got lucky. But a few others are running the same setup with similar results. There has been a few different ways of achieving the above. Some plug the hole (which is the hole that has the round ring seal) by taking out the seal and putting a seal without a hole then just remove the diaphragm and spring, put the outer cover back on and seal it. The later means nothing is altered, just removed. As to the pilot circuit alterations, thats a well talked about subject. Hope this helps. Chucky.
  14. CHUCKY

    PAS & noisy Slide

  15. CHUCKY

    PAS & noisy Slide

    Found a picture of a PAS but would still like to know if anybody has a noise that sounds like the slide chattering ????.