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  1. Awsome
  2. Where is forest hill
  3. Thanks for sharing, I haven't been up there in a while.
  4. I didn't think quardtards had any brains. Do hope he's alright.
  5. Hi Rich I wish my KTM had a plate so I could join you. Have a good ride. Steve
  6. How's the project going? We need more!
  7. Rich What time do you plan on leaving Monrovia. I'm not to sure how to get there, can you give me some directions or perhaps I can follow you. Thanks Steve
  8. Rich I might be able to join you. I never been to Bouquet Canyon, I would like to give it a try. I will be driving from Glendora, 0800 should be a good time. I'm not into anything to technical. My bones are getting older. Steve
  9. Paul Is there riding in Wrightwood or do you hit up the desert. Steve
  10. Dave Where is rower and DWF? I'm free this Saturday Steve
  11. Great report and pictures:applause: Looking forward for more:thumbsup:
  12. Thanks Steve
  13. Has any body bought a new one? I'm interested in a T-100.