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  1. Motocross

    It is not the HP that gets the hole shot but more the torque
  2. Motocross

    my money would be on her trying to race with the big boy's!! some where in here she talks about it.
  3. Supercross

    the difference would be the people that dont want to read about him wouldn't have to weed through all the JS threads to see whats really important!!
  4. Supercross

    just make him his own sub page!!!
  5. Supercross

    the Hannie punt is what i wana see!!
  6. Supercross

    LOL i'd pay to see that!!
  7. Supercross

    IF reed is out for a bit (which i hope he is not) do you think he will put someone else on the bike?????
  8. Supercross

    i like both of them, thought they would be battling it out for 1 and 2. tomac running 17 i keep thinking it is JB
  9. Supercross

    What happen with these 2? Is tomac just on fire or did wilson loose his mojo?????
  10. Supercross

    somebody could sticky that at the top.........
  11. Supercross

    how about on line???
  12. still not decided... going to test ride the rmz next weekend
  13. i am getting ready to move my son up from a 150 to 250. i was thinking with sticking with honda, i have always like them and i like eng and trans being sperated and using different oil. i haven found a honda yet but i have come across a rmz in the pricerange.... any words of wisdom.....
  14. Motocross

    go reedy