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  1. Did a 140 mile trip the other day and the seat felt great. I have the standard seat. I did some offroad trails and it felt great there as well. I do have the grip cover and like it over the stock cover. I proably could have gotten the tall seat.
  2. relaced the stock seat with a "Seat Concepts" seat that I bought from wheeling cycle. Also added a DRZ sticker to the swingarm.
  3. the post above is your answer. THey read DR-Z. The "Z" you can choose different colors in.
  4. Picked up one of these from Wheeling Cycle Supplies. Took about 45 minutes or so to put together. Looks great and was easy to do. Haven't been able to ride it yet though. Just sitting on I can feel the difference. Will hopefulyl be doing a few a hour ride in two weeks. Both on and off road.
  5. Threw a new set of Shinko 700s on my bike and a friends 91 XR250L. So far I'm liking. Much better than the Trackmasters ont he street for sure. In two weeks we'll see how they do offroad.
  6. Since you move your devices from one machine to another did you know that they have a clip type part that you can attach to the craddle and leave everything else behind instead of losening the arm all the time and possibly wearing out the spring. Here's a link to what I mean.
  7. This was also my first rattle that I had. Luckily my friend was riding his ATV beside me so he could concentrate on looking for the noise as I rode along trying not to fall off and look down at the same time.
  8. I a topic on this before but can't remember if it was here or ADVRider.
  9. Sorry to dig this up again. Here is the list of items that I have on the "to get list" for the conversion. 1. EBC Supermoto Rotor Kit (has the relocator) 2. Rear Brake Rotor 3. Excel Supermoto Wheelset (wheels, hubs and laced up) 4. Carrier Ring Set for wheels (from reading about number 3 I will need these, correct?) 5. Rear Sprocket 6. Chain 7. Tires 8. Tubes 9. New front fender Now that I have a list. Is there anything that can be cut out. Any recommondations of anything that needed to be added. Also any preferences for brands and models to go with for the specific items would be appreciated. I will never race this thing and will primarily be used just so I do not tear up the knobbies around town. I will probably use it also to take small rides every now and then (like less then 100 miles a day). I thought that I read somewhere that this conversion would cost about $1400.00, I seem to be calculating closer to $2200.00. Please help an S in need to be more SM. Thanks
  10. 06-450X, Don't worry about it. Out of all the forums I get on this has to be the worst for people complaining about reposts and questions about something already talked about. My feeling is if you don't like it don't reply to it. Or if you know it was already talked about let them know in a good way and maybe post a link. First off the search is down most of the time I am on. By the way I thought this was funny also.
  11. There is wiring up there too. Mine was loose when I heard the chain slapping it. There is a tool in the kit that will tighten it up.
  12. I bought the Sarge Carrier. It is lighter and works great for me so far. Look under the section for trailers and other things for more opinions under the general forums.
  13. Piz, What was the reason to switch out tanks with no gain or loss in amount of fuel?
  14. Sorry to hear about your luck man!
  15. I hooked mine into the horn wiring and grounded it to a bold under the headlight faring I think. My friend helped me hook it up. He used one of those voltage things that has the light on to see what had power and what did not on it. If you have one of those things, hold it to a wire beep the horn and see if the light goes off. That is what he did. When I beep my horn it doesn't say that you lost power on the GPS, I'm guessing that is because it is only a momentary loss of external power to it. I am no electrician and would have probably screwed it up by myself.