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  1. Same thing happened to me. It ended up my hot start was getting stuck. Make sure that thing is working ok. Also check to see if the slack is correct.
  2. Someone else suggested that. I'm not really too sure what it is though? Any help?
  3. So, today my dad decides to be a nice guy and change the oil in my bike. Well he overitghtened the drain plug and stripped it out. It's definetely not the bolt, it's the cases. Any way to fix this? Thanks alot.
  4. Amazing power. Bike has a very positive feel to it. Suspension needs revalved for me cause I only weigh 135lbs so I can't really comment on that. I love mine. No problems yet. I'd recommend the bike to anyone. I've rode Suzuki's for years and I'm still a Suzuki rider at heart but this green beast is amazing
  5. SixSixOne chest pro and neck roll work great!
  6. i'm from salem. about 30 minutes south of youngstown. i go up to medina a few times during the year to ride smith road.
  7. yeah, western reserve is in salem. the state championship was held there in '04. it's kind of an old school track, small jumps and lots of off cambers. fun place to ride though. i'll talk to my neighbor. i'm sure he'd let you come ride sometime this year when it dries up some. it's a mud hole right now...
  8. It is in Salem. Salem is about 30 minutes south of Youngstown.
  9. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=7454990&uid=2105675 not my track but my neighbors. i ride there just about everyday when it's nice out.
  10. go with the revalve if you have the money. depending on your weight and other factors, that might involve a spring change.