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  1. thanks, i'll let you know if anything. its still a shock to all of us that he's gone and we're just trying to support each other at the moment.
  2. Rev Hard

    DRZ125L RM85 fork swap caliper issue

    post some pics, i'm a bit confused. when i did the swap i had a rotor issue. but so far, what i can say is that you'll need the RM brake system. i'm glad that a lot of people are doing the RM/KX fork swaps!
  3. Rest in peace my dear friend Simon Caesar. He was a close friend, a classmate, and a riding and racing buddy. He loved to go fast and go big, and unfortunately thats what cost his life. He was on his GSXR600, and speeding up the road. It was a wet day, and he couldnt make the turn and hit the curb. It feels horrible, sad, sickening, shocked, and i just cant believe he's gone. He's a year older than me, just graduated, and family and friends will miss him much. God Speed Simon
  4. Rev Hard

    DR-Z125 & RM100 Conversion project

    for the front end?? your correct. i swapped my front a couple years back...just havent been on this site for a lonnnnng time. haha
  5. Rev Hard

    Making a 2000 xr100 a pitbike

    the overall look looks like an xr100. except that it has rear disc brakes. but i'm not too sure that xr100 parts would fit that.
  6. Rev Hard

    DRZ 125L Wheelspin

    wet cement. lean foward, pop clutch. works fineee
  7. Rev Hard

    Making a 2000 xr100 a pitbike

    well...i'm not sure. but i see that u have a kx100, try it and let us know
  8. Rev Hard

    Making a 2000 xr100 a pitbike

    Ohhhhh i know how u feel. When i started ripping it up thats the first thing that went. But, me being a cheap ass, i rewelded it back on then it broke again so i ordered a Moose racing one Sorry for the link i posted with all the ******. it aint working. but that site is tkraceproducts. google it and find their site
  9. Rev Hard

    Making a 2000 xr100 a pitbike

    Works peformance rear shock (i have it and love it), your DEFINITELY gonna need a BBR frame cradle to keep that frame from stretching while you jump. I've seen CR85 forks converted on to the xr100, but you'll need a new steering stem from http://www.*******************/ . Thats basically what your really gonna wanna do, protecting your frame and getting great suspension. Power can always come later. And if u dont feel like dropping the dough on the front fork conversion, BBR springs would be fine, just get heavier fork oil. Just dont cheap out and get the BBR REAR spring, that thing cant handle for poop. Trust me, which is why i went with Works performance. I hoped this helped.
  10. Rev Hard

    Cheap mods on 2003 drz 125

    Dont allow too much air in the airbox. If your on a stock exhaust, with a lot of air flow, it doesnt work out that great. It'll bring in sooo much air and fuel, BUT, the limit of the stock exhaust still restricts you. I've done the drilling holes, twin-air air filter with stock exhaust modified. You feel a slight difference, but when i went to a yoshimura exhaust, it was like night and day mid range pull
  11. Rev Hard

    lets see the Drz 125's

    And i'm back again guys! Haha Its been like 4 months since i was on this forum
  12. Rev Hard

    disc brakes on a 125

    RM/KX100 will fit. I think the difference from the RM/KX 85's and RM/KX 100's swingarms are the length. But in order to get them to fit you have to bore out the swingarm bolt hole or something.
  13. Rev Hard

    Worth the trade?

    HAHA! my dad like check out the bike lordhunglo!!
  14. Rev Hard

    Worth the trade?

    Thanks for response, any others have any input on this?
  15. Rev Hard

    crf/xr100 pics

    WOW great looking!! gotta love the yosh pipe. haha