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    DMV questions (title)

    I purchased a used bike out of Oregon, which is also a state that does not require a title for ORV's. The bike was a 1988 and the owner did not have the Certificate of Origin paperwork. I went to Oregons DMV website and printed off a copy of the web page where is explained that Oregon does not require you to title an ORV. Took my bill of sale and paperwork to a local vehicle licensing office and explained that Oregon does not require you to have a title and showed them the copy of the website. They went ahead and registered and applied for a title for the bike. They send all paperwork for application of title to Olympia anyways to be looked at. Three weeks later, title in hand. Its worth a try!
  2. kingcrab

    07 yz 450 rear sprocket size?

    I would sell the bike cheap and look at getting a CRF 230 or a KTM!!! I would get rid of that 250x also. TOO MUCH POWER!! Just get the 51 tooth and rip ass!!
  3. kingcrab

    MXGP Battles on

    Here is the opposition flyer.