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  1. You think you can post a sound clip?
  2. What's the ticket, any pics, what is everyone doing?
  3. Just thought I'd follow up to my original the 350S....rode Gorman today...break just putted around occasional variant on throttle......this bike is very nice! Only complaint is nobody is carrying the recommended Bel-Ray oil for the bike......otherwise hitting Cal City tomorrow, so I'll be able to do better throttling.
  4. Need ride report.....pulling trigger this coming weekend....still torn between both power plants.....
  5. vibration kit.
  6. So does 11100K OTD....sound high for 2015 Husky FE 350S?
  7. Anybody get OTD price yet?
  8. Mostly desert riding...looking to do future DS rides. Was wondering with the mods on 350........if that would make it a very capable Swiss Army knife type bike?
  9. Does anyone have one yet? Have deposit on one here in California. Haven't decided on the 350 or 501 yet. Was curious to hear real owners opinions of them?
  10. Had same issues.... until I went to Pep Boys bought a gallon can of cleaner with dip basket.....removed carb and stripped down so the float and other parts were off. Placed in can runs like the first day I bought it. The gas these days gums up very quickly if you let the bike sit for any period of time. Thought this may help some.
  11. Difference between 2015 KTM 350 EXC F and Husky FE 350S....husky has heavier crank and linkage. No kickstarter....but Husky offers kit for kick in catalog. My dealer says Husky starts rolling in next week...for some reason limited roll he suggested deposit.
  12. So 2015 Husky catalog offers Kickstarter kit......looks like the way to go when buying bike.
  13. Im looking at KTM 350 EXC-F and BETA 400RS both 2014.........Which one? Please people with experience on both from brand perspective......I do know one is not......don't know the mods for the BETA either.....commentary...