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  1. UberTard


    Thanks Burned. I shall return.
  2. UberTard


    Help!! Anyone?
  3. UberTard


    The Bike is a SOHC 4 valve DR250. I'd like to get a 33mm FCR and I'm unsure what size jets to order with it. Any ideas anyone? The bike has a pipe and the airbox is derestricted. Thanks in Advance. Rob
  4. UberTard

    Wrist pin measurement needed

    Hi, I need to know the wrist pin measurement for the DR250s (92-93). I will be replacing the piston with something bigger and meaner (hi-comp) I hope. Thanks.
  5. UberTard

    dr 250 jetting and main jet question??

    THIS THREAD IS REALLY INFORMATIVE. tHANKS GUYS. mY BIKE IS POPPING A LOT ON DECEL AND HAS SOME HESITANCY AND SKIPPING UP TOP. (oops caps lock) The pro blem is availablility of jets in China. I am not sure whether they do that here. I have a custom exhaust and aI will do the airbox cutout shortly. wish me luck.lol.
  6. UberTard

    Supermotos -- why do they exist?

    As an urban warrior cycle. If you live in a country with smooth roads and laws that make sense (and a smart population), then a sportbike makes sense. Not overcrowded and decent skill levels of drivers. IN ASIA however...a supermoto is the best help you can have. quick, quick handling, light, and suspension that soak up all these chinese road potholes...
  7. UberTard

    My DR 250 Motard

    the Forks came standard in 93-94?? I have seen others that are the same. After that they switched back to the others...no idea why...likely cost control.
  8. UberTard

    My DR 250 Motard

    Now would someone PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE POWER IS!!!! I want some response, so I will get an FCR, but I am not sure what size to get. I am not spending money on a big bore kit etc... I might do some headwork. Anyone done any porting on the baby DR?
  9. UberTard

    Need Urgent Help!

    I am in China. I have a Suzuki DR250 circa 1993. I have shed my crusty old rims to don new 17" motard rims. I have to get new spokes. What spokes do I need? Is there a part number? I can't get straight pull spokes anyway in China...I've been trying for months. Rob
  10. UberTard

    Compare the Potential Please! KLR vs. DR

    Thanks guys. The KLR is already purchased. We (my buddy ...haha) couldn't turn it down as it was in fair condition cosmetically and only needs a valvejob. 1996 KLR650...DIRT CHEAP (less than 200USD). BUT I Got a line on a CRF450 in need of new forks and front wheel....hmmmm. Once I finish the DR250S project...maybe...
  11. UberTard

    Compare the Potential Please! KLR vs. DR

    I have an opportunity to get one of two bikes. A DR650 or a KLR650. I would like to know which is easier to get real power out of. How about cheaper? I'd like over 50 HP. How much can you get out of a DR650?? How much out of a KLR?? The bikes will be turned into Motards.
  12. I'm in a place where FCR's might be a bit hard and very expensive to get. I want to make 30 HP. 30 HP or die trying.
  13. Burned, Tell me if I'm out to lunch but couldn't I just re-jet? How hard would it be? Aren't we looking for a pumper carb ideally anyway?
  14. UberTard

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    WOW!!...you guys have some really sweet bikes. Especially the perimeter frames stuff. Just sick. Can we get more info on the high HP ones?
  15. UberTard

    chinese xr200 copies

    80% of the country runs on the "looks like, smells like...MUST BE!!" principle to make stuff. Their concept of hard riding is not yours...trust me. As for the keeping up with CRFs and the like...maybe you are a better rider. I rode "The VIPER" 200cc perimeter framed "MX" bike at the factory...shit-ass welds and all. Slow as a dog (mainly because it's oddball gearing is WAY too high) and the tires are the worst ever made. Yes the price is right but so what. The country is capable of making far better, but they still would need to know what to do with it. They don't really understand the criteria. And that is a good thing. It keeps us employed.