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  1. I have never listened carefully to a Yamaha clutch but next time I get the chance I will....! Now that we have positively singled out the clutch noise...
  2. This must be a common kxf 250 trait!!! After putting in a 2011 piston in a 2010 my friend who owns a repair shop told me my bike was making a weird noise... I did not notice it but it freaked me out enough to tear down the engine to check if it was the valves on the piston... Everything was ok! Thought it was the took the cylinder off... Crank should be ok.. If you rotate the flywheel back and forth while the engine is at top dead center you will hear it....It comes from the right side of the engine.. Pulled the right engine cover off and rotated the flywheel again......seems to be the clutch basket....If you push the clutch basket at its lower right side you will recognize the dreaded sound..!! In conclusion the engine worked fine and there was no visible damage....Noisy clutch baskets a KXF250 trait?!
  3. Thanks everyone! 2011 piston in and running for future reference......No problems All that listening to the engine I never realized what a noisy engine the KXF has!!
  4. Thanks for the replies! The shop.... haha this is Greece I was there and they were complaining about how they dont get enough vacations.... Definitely NOT the right people to ask about this!! They do not care.....even if we represent them at the races!! Most importantly they wont know! It would be a guestimate!
  5. Hey everyone, Just passed by Kawasaki today and they are out of 2010 pistons until the 22nd of April. (Greece!!!! no comment) Tomorrow is the last day before they close for Easter and I was hoping to fit a 2011 or 2012 piston. Does anybody know if this will fit in my 2010????? I am in panic mode!
  6. Thank you Dave and everyone else!! I have to try to find the flex hone in Greece(probably impossible), this is why I was avoiding this process and preferred to stick to the simple scotchbrite/sandpaper method. At least now I know I must deglaze... and my cylinder will not be damaged... Best regards, Nik
  7. If I am to use a scotchbrite pad, what kind of pad, green, red?? dry or with wd-40?? I assume following the 35 degree angle rule?
  8. This topic has been covered in previous posts but I am not able to determine a clear cut plan of action due to conflicting opinions. Bike: 2010 kx250f I am not sure whether to attempt to deglaze my cylinder with a scotchbrite pad as some say that this is a good method and others say this will damage the nickasil on the cylinder (a local mechanic says NEVER to do so as the cylinder will be damaged). This is the second ring change (first was with the piston), the cross hatch marks are not visible where the ring comes in contact with the cylinder wall but underneath that point there are cross hatch marks. The first piston change I did not deglaze and it seemed as the ring did not seal properly as there was less compression and black exhaust smoke on warm ups. Please if an experienced mechanic could give a conclusive answer to this subject!! HELP I NEED TO RIDE!!!
  9. Nice, nice, at least we will have a starting point! I read that the 2009 kx450f has a longer link than previous models. Seems that MXA are still putting PC links even on the 2011 bikes.
  10. Already have the 22mm clamps ..... Going for the next per motocross action 1.5mm longer link = big improvement.... just trying to figure out if this is obtainable as a stock link for 70$ instead of 250$ + import tax and shipping since I am currently living in Greece
  11. Do you know the difference in length between the two?? If we could create a database of linkage arm lengths for kxf's this would allow all of us the possibility to fine tune our bikes!! Anyone have the motivation?? If you do the measurements I will make a table for us all to use....
  12. on a side note just read the motocrossaction pc suspension revalve review for the 2011 and they say the pc link arm is 1.5mm longer..and gives results... Lets see if this matches with the 07 450 link arm!!
  13. Thank you, thank you!!!!! The 2010 250f and 2011 250f have the same linkage arm.
  14. Is there any way we can find out??? As someone from one of the big suspension companies gave me this information.
  15. Does any one know or can they find out if the linkage from a 2007 kxf450 is different than the 2010 kxf250.... and whether there would be a positive result from putting the linkage from the 2007 kxf 450 on to the 2010 kxf 250 ???? Thanks