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  1. Hey, noted that you have swapped exhaust. An untight exhaust will possibly cause popping as unburned fuel mixed with fresh air is explosive. Just a thought I share since this was a problem on my street motorcycle with an aftermarket pipe that didn't fit 100%. I really do not understand why people do not take their bikes to a dyno and track down the excact air/fuel mixture. Adopting another persons experience may not work as anticipated. I'm not a religious man and if I don't have any facts I pay little attention to what is being claimed "right". Leave the guessing out...sometimes facts is the way to go!
  2. yes you fits. Have tried yoshi....! I did not like it though. Its more build for rpm... you can buy mine :-)
  3. Hi there, i recomend you go on a dyno for jetting. Just bying a set of needles from from f.instnace JD is not gonna get you spot on. Every bike is a littlebit different and so is the climate and (gas) your bike is exposed to. I have tried Yoshimura offroad alu on mine and guess what... the power and torque was greater with the standard pipes with the end/ sparkarrester removed. Airbox must be opened thoroughly, but don't do that before you have "richened" the engine by giving it more gas, it is set up very lean. chaning to a more open exhaust will lean some, opening the airbox makes a big difference. If your engine runs lean it will pop, stop and you can eventually damage the valves due to overheating. Fuel also cools....... A dyno run/ jetting should cost you more than 100 USD. We pulled out 8 hp around 6.000 rpm just by getting thing right. I doubt if a W.Brother and JD set will give you that unless you fine tune. don't guess... know for certain!