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  1. Even a 64 year old can ride a Sherco
  2. I honestly dont know the exact model. it a was off the shelf in 2006. I am pretty sure its the 04, 05, 06 range. The Sherco agent told me that any model designed for a 450 KTM four stroke would work. Will post again if more info comes to hand
  3. 1. Heavy duty plastic http://hydedevelopments.co.za/ KTM 450 EX fits perfectly 2. Garmin GPS Regards Ian
  4. 3 of 6 Shercos in our riding community. We feel sorry for our fellow trail riders. Why! Excellent suspension. Wide predictable power band. Does not tire you out. Excellent in deep rivers. Climbs like a trial bike. and more. http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t82/sherco_dbn/2006_11070116.jpg
  5. Whats a rally bike