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  1. Hello, what gearbox oil do you use for Gas Gas ec 300 ??? models after 2010, but i think that's no differences. in manua thei say to use only 10w30, but I found that it's quite rarely this kind of oil: gearbox 10w30. i found also gearbox oil but w75 or w80 ????? so, what oil do you use gor GG gearbox???? do you use same oil for winter temp as for summer ??? thanx, stefan
  2. first 250 and 300 - 2012 test
  3. I saw everywere, on gas gas site at technical data or motomerlin in 2012 presentation,.... that the front brake have a "260 mm wave floating", ok... floating !!!! but in every pics is a normal disc (or I don't know what really means flating), so... ?????
  4. nobody knows what's the electric start system weight ? on the gas gas site in the tehnical data filds the weight for ec 300 is 102kg and for ec300 E is also 102kg !!!! the e start weight zero ????? wow and does it work ok the e start and it's reliable ?? it's worth to be with e start or without ? from the point of view of reliable / weight / help thanx
  5. does anyone know if I want to remove the electric start if it's easy? do I need anything else but a plastic ignition cover to replace that for e start ?? and which is the extra weight of the entire e start sistem (with battery also) thanx
  6. there's some rumors here that the new sachs for 2012 are as good as marzzochi and ohlins from the racind version if not slightly better. Could it be possible ??? sachs reach so hight level?? ok, the ohlins is not the top model from they thouse put on the ec racing, but I think marzzochi is.
  7. indeed a very nice looking for 2012 racing. but, i heard from somebody (let's say some rumors) that the new sachs suspension could be as good as marzzochi and ohlins if not slightly better. could it be possible???
  8. thanx a lot guys for the good opinions. but I finally found one ec250 to test it. a 2010 model, and road it yesterday for 3-4 hours on some track were I used to rode my old (2007) ec300. yes, it's not enough to have a very good and complete opinion about the way it work, but what I felt was: easy to handle, a better speed becouse I could pull the throttle more than on 300, but in tehnical stuff - rocky climb, long aggressive climb on strong ground and dust and strating from short I had to worked more with the cloutch and gear shift (2-1,1-2) than with 300. And one think I didn't like is that in all this time 250 almost sucked all the gas !!! probably that it need more power and throttle more open than 300 everytime. so... I might go again for 300, but 250 is very ineresting to ride
  9. thanx, but nobody ride a ec250 in hard enduro ??? and tell me a opinion??? i don't care about how fast can I go with 250 or 300 I want to know if it's easyer to climb with 250 on long ascents or in some tehnical stuff (roky rivers, zig zag, ...) with 300 I used to climb ok (something hard) but after a while my arms got pumped and I couldn't handle the throttle or the cluch lever to well. so with 250 will be easyer or harder on the taff section?? I don't care to go up faster but to reach the top with my arms not extreme pumped or my breathtaking.
  10. I wish to hear some impressions from those who ride both models but the latest ones (2009,2010,2011) about power, torque, handling. I also had a 300 from 2007 and love it but now I want the 2012 model and I don't know if I should go for a 250 instead of 300. 300 was nice but I never used more than... 60% of his power elsewear than on the straight road . does 250 have enough power for long climb or better (easyer) handling in some roky and tehnical section??? dose it work well with the second gear or you need the first one in many situations? thanx, stefan
  11. Does anyone know when will be available 2012 models in Eu? I understand that at the beginning of November, but.... if you know something better.... Thanx
  12. thanx. i know that will be also with marzocchi and ohlins, but here in europe this suspension will be only on race models and till the end of the year they deliver only stock models, with sachs, new sachs as they said. and i can't wait for the race models, i want to catch the last beautiful days from this fall i hope that 2012 sach will be better as RIDE said
  13. thanx guys. but the 2010 or 2011 models with sachs are not better??? i thought they have improved the sachs suspension!!! maybe i should wait for the race model to be available, with marzochi ond ohlins...
  14. Hy guys, the new gas gas 2012 looks great and i thought to buy the new ec 300 but i have a concern regarding the suspension, first they will deliver only the stock models with sachs suspension front and rear. do you have any idea about this suspension ??? are they ok, i mean at least like the other stock suspension from ktm - wp or other - kyb ....... thanx
  15. hy it's very, very beautiful but i have a question, do you have any idea about their suspension and i mean about sachs, bouth front and rear ???? are they ok ??? thanx