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  1. Sure, no customs and less paperwork for sure with EU import. I just took fpr granted that bikes in the US are the cheapest by far due to the size of the market. Ill look into it and see if I can find any dealers there to compare. Anyone here who have ideas of good dealers in germany?
  2. OK, thanks. Where can I find his mail/phone?
  3. Hi, I´m new to this forum and in the market for a new yzf 250. Only problem is that they are expensive as hell here in Sweden. Approx 11400 USD converted from Swedish crowns. So I´m thinking of importing a bike and hence looking for US dealers that are big (reliable), offers good deals and preferrably experienced in exporting to private persons in Europe. I guess East Coast dealers are better wrt freight rates due to shorter distance to Europe. Unless there are big price differences on bikes from East to West coast?? Any suggestions?