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  1. Hello Dr. You are quite the guy...I read many articles on you on the Internet and then my friend shared with me that I could talk to you directly via the Thumpertalk forums. I am thrilled to be able to ask you a question directly 7 Days ago today I had a surgery called "Open Clavicle reduction with internal fixation" I guess that is a fancy of saying surgery to install a steel plate in my collar bone. Anyway a week later I am still bleeding from the surgery. It bleeds constantly but slowly in fact it is bleeding as I write this. Secondly the pain is much worse that I expected. I thought I would be able to ride a week later but I am no closer to riding now then before the surgery. Is this bleeding normal? Why is this taking so long to heal?
  2. glotgering

    Guy is making an appearance at Sunday's SRA

    Sorry I did not make it to the race. Got a late start on Sunday and by the time I got there I was afraid the race would have already started. I really want to come and see all of you again as you have all been so supportive. I still have not seen my bike since the accident, my friend still has it and is riding it for me. In fact I don't think I seen or been around any motorcycle since October. ** Update on my condition *** I am currently scheduled for 2 surgeries to repair damage to my shoulder and the other to install a steel plate for my collar bone. That means once the surgeries start and with recovery/rehab time that will pretty much eliminate this year for riding. However I would like to try to ride again before the surgeries begin. My shoulder should keep me limited enough to keep me safe. I can't ride hard. I really don't know what to do. I have to be honest that I am at a crossroads of whether or not I should ride again. My wife gave me 2 conditions before I could ride again, get Life Insurance and a Doctor Approval and I can't meet either one. Apparently they also found a harmless brain tumor where my hematoma was after the accident. This tumor is preventing me from getting Life Insurance and my Dr. will not clear me to ride again for fear that if I hit my head again I will bleed in the same place (where the tumor is). Normally they would remove the tumor but because if it's location the Dr's think it is safer to just leave it alone. I am really bummed about the whole thing. I really wish that accident didn't happen. It has changed so many things in life that didn't need changing. Even my friends are scared to ride with me when I hint that I want to ride again. Anyway I am sorrry to vent...I guess once I get started I am hard to shut-up. If anyone has any advice on this issue I am listening. BTW I will definately make the next race and will plan on leaving early.
  3. glotgering


    WOW!! sounds like you were lucky. That is amazing that you recovered from it. Perhaps you can recommend some protective gear. I was wearing body armor and perpaps it minimized my injuries or perhaps not. I guess I will never know but perhaps there is something better out there. Thanks for your support.
  4. glotgering


    First of all John you have nothing to feel guilty about. I only asked for your opinion whether or not I was ready to race and you gave it to me. I felt great at milestone ranch but for some reason this happened again. I must say that my recovery time leads my track time by large margin like 4 to 1. I really don't know what I am going to do. But just so you know John I don't blame you, or anyone (well except for that guy the clipped me in the air). It is definately unfortunate and I hope this is not the end
  5. glotgering


    I must say I am shocked and suprised that so many people showed concern for me and my family. I truly thank all of you for your support. Well I was release today at 12:00 p.m. today and I am currently at home. My kids are very excited to see daddy home again. My son told his friends that I broke every bone in my body. I am still in considerable pain but I will not have any long term injuries. I can't believe I was in the hospital for 6 days. I have no memory of the crash. The last I remember before the crash as speeding down the hill. I got a real bad start and my competitve juices were flowing and I passed several riders and was riding down the hill much too fast. The next thing I remember as being loaded into an ambulance and someone yelling at me "You have been in an accident" I think he was HuskyT and he was wearing a Husqy Jersey. Apparently I was knocked out cold for 3 minutes. When I came to I had severe pain thoughout my back. At the hopital they took several tests, xrays and a couple of catscans. It was then then notice I had brain hemorage and that became the immediate concern. I was in ICU for a couple of days until the bleeding stopped. The rest of the story I think you already know. The final bone count is 5 (2 vertabrae and 3 ribs) My collarbone was not rebroken but the x-rays showed that my collarbone never properly healed and to correct it would some hardware. I started walking (not sure you would call it walkin) a couple days ago and I am currently on the road to full recovery. Now for the bike.... The bike took a pretty hard fall. My friends cleaned it up real good and noticed the radiator was bent. They bent it back and said it is hardly noticable. I wil check it out this weekend. My wife and family want me to sell the bike but I think I can do this without ending up in the hospital. Well everyone I going back to sleep as the pain meds make me very drowsy but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. It is good to know there are some nice and caring people out there. Thanks again
  6. glotgering

    Another Wildfire is Threatening the Kern Plateau!!

    I just called and got the following info The fire is now 200 acres and it is 0% contantained. The fireman may take over Troy meadows for the fireman. The fire is traveling SW towards Kennedy Meadows. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.
  7. I just talked to a friend of mine who is friends with Langston's girlfriend and she told him that Grant just broke his wrist a few hours ago and is at the hospital. As it looks now he will not be racing in vegas or the first part of the Nationals Thought you all would like to know. This sucks for me because I am a big langson fan. It looks like Millsaps will have a good chance now.
  8. glotgering

    Top 5 Favorite Riders

    1) Ricky Charmical 2) Grant Langston 3) Broc Hepler 4) Jeremy McGrath 5) James Stewart They all have the same thing in common. Can you guess?
  9. glotgering

    Supercross/Motocross Stats

    Can't anyone help me with finding the older race results? I think it would be fun to look at how dominant other riders have been in the past and compare them with the riders of today
  10. Hello all, I am compiling a spreadsheet of all stats from Supercross/Motocross for both 125cc and 250cc categories. The problem is I can't find any race results before 1997. Does anyone have the Jeremy's stats? or any stats before 1997? I would love to be able to compare Hannah and some of the earlier riders to the riders we have today. I would be happy to share this spread sheet with anyone who wants it. You will be able to sort on any rider who has ever raced in any Supercross/Motocross event. The categories include Total Main events Average Finish Number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place finishes How they transfered Heat, Semi or LCQ and much more... Plus you can sort by any year. Let me know if you have any stats and if you would want a copy when I am done. It is pretty cool
  11. glotgering

    Kevin Windham in Orlando?

    I like the fact he said he was going to come back in Orlando and now he is doing it. It is refreshing to see people do what they say they are going to do.
  12. Kevin said he will race the last 6 races starting in Orlando. Has anyone heard for sure? If he does race does how well will he do? Does anyone think he will get a top 5 finish.
  13. Really?? I was not aware of any threads about Chad's need to win in Orlando. I just posted this thread because I work with a couple of CR fans and they think he is the best rider and I am sick of hearing it when he hasn't won a race other then St. Louis. I would like CR to win and keep it competitive.
  14. This is very funny. LOL
  15. I am so tired of hearing that CR is the best, most consistent rider in Supercross. I think the best rider is the one who wins and the most consistent rider is one that wins consistently. This would obviously make RC the most constant and best rider in Supercross. Currently Chad is only two points back (thanks to St. Louis) and a win would put CR back in the points lead. Personally I would love to see Chad win but I don't think he can unless James or Ricky crash or DNF. The time is now Chad!!! Time to win a race. Go out there and shut people like me up that say you can't compete with James and Ricky. Make me eat my words; I would really love to see Chad win.