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  1. torquerules

    New to the Motard world . . . . picked up a new toy!

    Yup, thanks! . . . I;m reading through all the posts about mods that have been referenced on this site. There is a ton of info here!
  2. torquerules

    New to the Motard world . . . . picked up a new toy!

    Thank, guys! I'm in central Indiana, and the weather just turned cold today . . . i probably won't be putting too many more miles on it this year, unfortunately. I took it our for a bit last night and raised some hell . . . . It has a Leo Vince titanium pipe on it, and i removed the baffle because it was a bit too subdued for me, but without the baffle, it's way too loud. I can see myself attracting way too much attention with it. I may drill the baffle a bit to open it up so I can get some good sound out of it without attracting cops from 8 blocks away! This bike is a riot! Makes me do stupid shit!
  3. torquerules

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Here's mine. Just bought it 2 weeks ago . . . . it needed some love, so I've spent the last 2 weeks cleaning it up and getting it road worthy. I have several other bikes, but this is probably the one that's gonna get me in trouble!!!
  4. I recently picked up a 03WR450 that's been converted and tagged!!! It was a bit of a turd when i got it, but I've spend the last couple weeks cleaning it up and getting it road worthy. Finally took it out for a shakedown run . . . . This one's probably gonna get me in trouble! Lots of fun!
  5. torquerules

    450r stories

    Same here!! I went from an XR600 I'd had for years to an 04 450 and laughed like a little kid the first time I had it in the woods! The thing is just frickin wicked and I love it!
  6. torquerules

    Street Bikes - Line in the sand

    I was raised riding dirt bikes from the age of 3, and started with street bikes at age 15. I'm 30 now and have a CRF450, SV650, TLR1000, and a Honda Interceptor for the wife. I love riding on the street as much as on the dirt, you just have to watch out for the other guy. The only crashes I've had on the street were my own fault. I've had plenty of close calls, but you just really have to pay attentiong to what all the other idiots are doing. I just recently started doing trackdays on the SV and that's by far the most fun I've ever had on two wheels.