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  1. California

    Thanks for letting us know. Back to bed.
  2. California

    I'm in. See you guys in the morning. Thanks!
  3. California

    Can I join you guys?
  4. Well, while loading up and my son got up and asked to go riding (which he hasn't done in a while). I'm going to take him out instead to not quench the excitement. You guys have fun. I'll try to make a ride in the next few weeks.
  5. Krannie and Victor, Are you guys cool if I tag along to? Thanks, Josh
  6. California

    Thanks for letting me tag along for a fun ride today. It was nice to meet everyone. Hope to ride with you all again soon.
  7. California

    Where are you staging?
  8. California

    I'm interested. Saturday or Sunday?
  9. California

    Can't make it tomorrow, but let me know when you are doing Big Bear rides in the future. Lots of fun riding up there.
  10. What Year(s)?
  11. Well, I don't know, but it is worth a shot. I know that mid-80's (85-87) YZ suspension will bolt right up (if you use the entire front end, and shorten the suspension), but the bearings may be different enough on the new stuff that it may not work. Good Luck!
  12. What year are the forks?- They might
  13. Oh, I forgot. The front-end conversion should also work on a TTR230, because the bottom and top steering bearings on this bike are the same as the old YZ stuff. You may have to place a spacer below the bottom bearing to make it work, though.
  14. Yes, other forks and shocks will work. I just put a 85 YZ250 front end on my ttr225, and it works great. To do the conversion, you need the entire front end from a YZ (wheel, brakes, axle, forks, triple clamps, steering stem, bottom steering bearing). The 85 YZ250 stuff works for sure, and I believe that 85-87 YZ125/250 stuff will work; most 85ish ITs front ends; and 85-89 YZ490 stuff will work as well. None of the TTR parts, except the top steering bearing and cap, will work in the conversion. Once you get the entire YZ front end, it will bolt right in, except, you need a 3/4" spacer between the top steering bearing cap and the stem lock nut. The bottom bearing from the YZ is the same as the TTR, but you MUST use the TTR top steering stem bearing (unless you want to do a lot of extra work) I used 2 3/8" thick 1" ID stainless washers for the spacer. I also had to cut out about 3" of the fork preload spacers to get the correct ride height. You will also need to make a "new" key assembly. I used a light switch from a 03 WR. It worked pretty well. As far as the shock, you can go works performance, or the shock from a 86-87 tt225 will work as well. It is 1/2" longer than the 99-04 TTR 225 yielding about 1"-1 1/2" more ride height. It also has more adjustability and a stiffer spring rate than the TTR shock (I haven't figured out the exact rate yet). I am also looking to see if anything else will work, as well. I will post pics when I figure out how, and I will try to post a detailed how-to when I get some time. As far as cost, the whole conversion has cost me $350. I hope this helps ☺.
  15. Yes, there are some that will work. I just installed 85 YZ250 Forks (43mm KYB) on my 99 TTR225 (the conversion should work for the 230 as well). I'm still fine tuning, but so far they work great. I will post pics and detailed instructions when I'm done (in about a week, should have a budget shock conversion done soon as well).