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  1. Reesknight

    J-Law Suspened

    Better get that J-Law trading card while they last! Sure to be a collector's item lol.
  2. Reesknight

    J-Law Suspened

    I'm sure that will finally do him in. His sponsors will most likely cut and run, since he hasn't even been a contender this season. He has provided some intertainment tho, but then again, so does a circus clown lol. Should be interesting when he does come back since he will have nothing left to lose.
  3. Reesknight

    We is a friggin wussy!!!

    Aren't the tracks being designed by the pros from old this year? They look alot like the tracks from the '80s before 'Big Air' took over. Wey's problem is that he is on the wrong team hanging out with the wrong type of people IMO.
  4. Reesknight

    Service Honda is at it again! Sweet bike!

  5. A CP has prevented me from getting impalled by a broken branch!
  6. Reesknight

    I quite!!! To old and body worn out

    I'm another member of this club. Two disintigrated disks from MX racing over 10 years ago. Sold my bike AGAIN last august because of the pain while riding. Bought a Harley and its great, but not a replacement for the dirt. I've got the fever again bad tho. Been riding dirt most all my life and its the hardest thing to quit. I've got a feeling that I'll be getting another one real soon. I may go ahead and get the surgery first and shoot for next year.
  7. Reesknight

    James "The Dude" Stewart interview

    Yeah I noticed that too. lol
  8. Reesknight

    James "The Dude" Stewart interview

  9. Reesknight

    James "The Dude" Stewart interview

    But Dude, he only spoke 5 times.
  10. RacerX interview, How many times can you say 'Dude' in one conversation? lol http://www.racerxonline.com/article/5-minutes-with-james-stewart-a2.aspx
  11. Reesknight

    "Spoiler" A2 live chat

    Should be a great main again! Lappers will play a big part.
  12. Reesknight

    "Spoiler" A2 live chat

    Reed pulls a 59:38 in the heat race!
  13. Looks like the LCQ for JLaw again. I think he went down.
  14. Reesknight

    Cool two stroke video

    Ditto. Why does everyone with video software think they have to put music on it?
  15. Reesknight

    My 09 450. Finished! *PICS*

    Very nice! I've always hated black rims but they look pretty good with those Monster graphics.