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  1. I have a 1995 yz250f and I have not changed the transition oil since I purchased the bike. about 6 months ago I have taken the bike out about 4 times so not to much riding but i think its about time. are there any other oils or items I should change before i go riding again? thank you
  2. thank you so much.
  3. hello, I have a 95 yz250 with a FMF Pipe. after last trip I took a mean spill and dented up the pipe pretty bad. is there a way to pull the metal out so its smooth again? thanks
  4. sorry, im trying to get pics. my bike is at my girlfriends and she lives in riverside and I live in Orange County. but its pretty tweaked. we hammered on it and bent it back with a bender thing. but its a mess and I don't feel its safe. I took the bike out and hit some whoops and the seat came off im not going to ride it till I can get it all put back together.
  5. well... I let my GF bro take my bike for a spin and he popped a wheelie and bent the rear frame where the seat sits and cracked my exhaust which now leaks oil when I take it for a ride and ripped the back plastic clean off. my question is can they fix the rear frame? its pretty damn bent. also can they repair the exhaust? to me it looks like I will be spending 240 for the rear frame and another 150+ for a new exhaust =/
  6. thanks guys I got it for 1300 bike rocks just minor things need to be taken care of like maybe some new grips and a new seat. one of the bolts or something came off and one side of the seat is loose anyways thanks again and I hope to see you all out there!
  7. Picked up my bike on Friday! slept very little that night. woke up Saturday, drove to the bike shop and picked up Gas tank, fuel mix and a new helmet. took the bike out to Rancho Cucamonga and rode around! was a blast! kicked over first time and rode wonderful. Since it was my second time riding in my life I staled some and had a hard time getting the thing moving but over all had a blast. I drove back to my girlfriends house and unloaded everything. Woke up Sunday and got the bike all packed up and drove back out and realized that my helmet was not there OMFGosh where the hell is my helmet!?!? long story short last night it came loose and rolled out the back of the truck. so another trip to the store and 1 more helmet I was back out on the trails riding all day. what a weekend. I can't wait till this coming weekend im going riding Friday and Saturday!
  8. thanks. my mom wanted me to make sure i didnt need insurance when riding. thank you.
  9. wait is there like liability insurance? like if I crash into a fence?
  10. ok im going to call him today and set up a time to meet tomorrow. im only going to take 1300 and show 12 if he says no I will leave go get lunch. also I know I should start a new thread but, where and how much is insurance for the bike?
  11. its dusty. with black plastics. he said that he changed the oil or something like that every trip
  12. well... I said that I would pick it up on Friday but he said that since it was all packed up on the inside of the trailer he would let me ride it but see I haven't even seen him kick it over... so I guess its still fine to ask. also are there any things I should look out for.
  13. heck yea! well... I told him like last week I wanted the bike but since I don't get my commission check till the 20th I wouldn't be able to pick it up till then but I wanted the bike. but now that I type this I think he could still sell it until I give him the cash. sooo when I check out the bike on Friday I will bring 1500 but I will ask the bike for 1200... is that cool of me? or should I ask him now?
  14. its posted for 1500 but i dont have the balls to even ask to drop the price even $100
  15. hey thanks man, yeah he told me that he had just taken it out and it kicked over on the first try. I saw it bike looks super clean no real scratches on the engine or frame, plastics dirty but he said he would have the bike looking perfect when I came back on Friday to pick it up.