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  1. RideRed06

    Air filter oil

    I use the NO-TOIL. It comes with oil,cleaner, and sealant. I swear by it. It makes cleaning your air filter extremely easy and clean. All you have to do is soak it in warm water and the cleaner and within a half an hour, you have a brad new looking air filter. The oil is real tacky so you dont have to worry about dirt getting thrue. It comes in a kit for about $15. Its all bio-degradable also. I highly recommend it. TIP: always use an aerosol (its a lot easier and less mess)
  2. RideRed06

    Gearing for my 06 CRF 450

    I dont have any comlaints about stock gearing but I am always looking to go faster ( I am sure everybody feels the same). Everybody I talk to says to stay with a 48 on the rear and go up one tooth on the countershaft.
  3. RideRed06

    California registration

    I had a similar situation before and I had to go to the DMV to get all the forms. Then I had to go to the Highway Patrol to inspect the bike and make sure its not stolen. Then I had to go back to the DMV to finish the rest of the paperwork and pay a small fee. Its kind of a pain in the ass Good luck
  4. RideRed06

    Gearing for my 06 CRF 450

    I ride a lot of desert riding like Ocotillo Wells, CA and some local spots. I am wondering what the best gearing is for my bike. I do a lot of hill climbing as well, so I am looking to get the most out of my bike. Any suggestions?
  5. RideRed06

    Trouble starting when cold

    Thanks man, It helps to hear that I am not the only one. I will try what you said. thanks
  6. RideRed06

    Trouble starting when cold

    I have a 06 CRF 450 and it takes about 10 kicks to get my bike started when its cold. I am not sure if this is a common problem or if my valves need to be adjusted. When the bike is warm, it starts in one or two kicks. Does anybody else have this problem or do I need to get my valves checked?
  7. RideRed06

    Transmission Drain Bolt

    What kind of thread locker do you use?
  8. RideRed06

    Transmission Drain Bolt

    I have a 06 CRF 450 and I was wondering if anybody else had trouble with stripping the threads on the trans drain bolt. Its only my second trans fluid change and I already had to replace it. It could be that it was too tight but I have heard others have had this problem too.