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  1. hill climbs look so difficult
  2. red_r1

    SM450R engine becoming louder

    i just drained my engine oil.... lotsa of metal debris at the magnetic drain plug. assessed it could be piston pin that is worn or conrod. Does anyone have such problems encountered when using motorex engine oil?
  3. red_r1

    SM450R engine becoming louder

    i agree with coffee. I would send to my mechanic to check the engine mounts and change back the engine oil. Many other sets of ears have confirm my suspicion as they are too damn sure my engine is so much louder than it was before. However I must comment that husky is really very friendly to DIY. Checked my valve shims within 30mins. 73 hours and still within tolerance. I am highly suspicious its probably some parts thats coming loose giving husky got so much more vibrations due to the highly tuned engine. Lets hope its the engine mounts.
  4. Hi guys, I've rode my 2006 SM450R for about 3 months and clocked like 73hours on my engine hour meter. About 15 hours of those are on track, the rest are street riding. Lately my engine is becoming louder and louder, filled with more rocking sound as if some parts are loose. There are some wierd noises even when I'm cruising but assessed the bike is still as powerful as it is. I've just checked the valve clearances and they are within the specified 0.10mm-0.15mm for intake and 0.15mm-0.20mm for exhaust. It could be related to my recent use of motorex 10w60 engine oil but pretty doubt this is the case. Just wondering if anyone here has met with this before. I think I'm going to change to another oil to see if it helps and if it doesn't, I'll tear the engine apart.
  5. it does sound like oil problem. our smrr have been thru many races, there's no signs of slippage. Same goes to the 510... 510 only blew the engine
  6. red_r1

    Need advises for 06 450SMR

    The motard races in singapore basically doesn't have restrictions in capacity. But then they consist of small short straights and tight corners which I deem 450 will be more advantageous here. 510 probably has more torque which I have doubts in controlling if I push the bike to the limit.
  7. Hey guys I seriously need advises in my current addicted situations with Husqvarna. Almost every minute the 2006 450SMR is on my mind and I've very strong intentions to buy it when it comes to Singapore in 2 months time. I'm very much a stranger to these bikes as its still much based on dirt bikes and my first dirt bike only came Sep05, after 8 years of riding, which is a DRZ400E and its on motard setup now. Pretty much stock DRZ400E with just a 320mm oversize brake rotors, WISECO high comp piston and RM250 forks. Motard wheels of coz. DRZ is my only means of commuting around Singapore where I have to travel 60miles, where mainly consist of highway cruising of 60mph, daily. I used it for 4 rounds of carpark races yearly. I will be doing some offroad on it too. Maintenance is low on DRZ and insurance premium are cheap. I'm not going to take it to track as I feel its much harmful to the single cylinder engine to keep it in high revs all the time. Anyway I have a CBR1000RR in race configuration to let go these high speed steams. Lately 06 Husqvarna SM450R caught my eye as I always wanted a 450 and this bike comes ready to race and road legal. There isn't any other road legal 450 around unless you soup up one or the KTM 450EXC. I've tried the 2005 TE510 motard, and I'm very impressed by the bike. Yes its too powerful for most people but the bike just handles. The suspensions really are good and the light weight of the bike just makes it willing to flick around and accelerate out of corners fast. The lighter weight and stronger brakes compared to my DRZ, also makes the brake markers I used for my DRZ become way too early. Is the new 450SMR going to be even better? Power should be lesser than TE510 right? Buying this bike would probably means having loans all over again and the insurance premiums will be 3 times what DRZ cost me annually. These wasn't that big problem but whats holding me back is whether the bike is going to be problematic due to many parts spoiling fast given my high usage. If its just the normal maintenance stuffs like engine oil or even valve shim its still ok with me. 450SMR got to take over DRZ duties and I really need advises on whether Husky is going to be just as durable and what to expect.