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  1. JeffRB

    Moto Mountain

    It is an atv only faculty but they will let you ride bikes if you bring them
  2. JeffRB

    cr125 supermoto?

    check this one out they may be in SC www.racecmrra.com
  3. JeffRB

    Edgewise Racing Round 3

    bump for others to see
  4. JeffRB

    cr125 supermoto?

    The first thing you need to do is get a big brake rotor for the front. If you ride it roadrace style you can hang and even beat a lot of the big bikes. My son beats a lot of the big bikes on a RM100. He can't beat them all but he can a lot of them.
  5. JeffRB

    Edgewise Racing Round 3

    Registration for round 3 in Warren Ar is open. This is one of the finest facilities there is for Mini's and Motards. Come on out and check out the racing. http://www.edgewise-racing.com/preregistration.htm This is the finest Super Motard track in the south. Supers can reach over 100mph on this track.
  6. JeffRB

    Motards on The Gulf Coast

    Pre-Registration is now closed and the track will be open for practice on Saturday about 10:00am
  7. JeffRB

    Motards on The Gulf Coast

    Track will be open for practice on Saturday and racing on Sunday
  8. JeffRB

    Motards on The Gulf Coast

    This track is really nice with elevation changes and there are usely a good bunch of the big bikes there. The really like this track also.
  9. JeffRB

    2 strokes

    The Suzuki will do better in the smaller bore 2 strokes because of the power valve that the others ( Honda, Yamaha) do not have. The power is more controleable and not so much on and off. Also the ProCircuit pipe gives you a more even power than the FMF. My son races the Zuks and is doing GREAT with them.
  10. JeffRB

    Motards on The Gulf Coast

    We would be glad to have you there
  11. JeffRB

    Motards on The Gulf Coast

    Saturday and Sunday March 24th and 25th Edgewise Racing ( www.edgewise-racing ) will have round 2 of their series 10 miles north of Gulf Port, MS in th etown of Saucier at Gulfoaks Speedway. It is an all asphalt track. There will be Mini's to Supers. Come on out and enjoy the action. For more info you can email Jeff Barnard at ewr@edgewise-racing.com
  12. Edgewise Racing will be holding an event this weekend in Jackson, Ms. We will practice on Saturday and Race on Sunday. If you have any questions you can email me at jeff@emissbmws.com hope to see ou all there.
  13. JeffRB

    MOTARD RACING IN Mississippi

    We will be having 15 more rounds of Motard racing in Ms. La. and Fl. running through December. Our next race will be in Jackson Ms. on March 18 and 19. For more info you can check out www.edgewise-racing.com . We hope to see y'all at the races.