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  1. Man, all I said was I've always wanted to do it, no need to get all butt hurt. Sound doesn't work on my laptop anyways, so I couldn't hear any of it. Chill out.
  2. http://www.metalmulisha.com/blog/2010/06/the-general-goes-poaching/ I've always wanted to do this.
  3. Older ones.
  4. Alright thanks a lot. I figured I would have to mess around with the computer a little bit to get the speedo and shift points right.
  5. Thank you Sir.
  6. So what about if I was to put 33's on it?
  7. Hey all, Well, I want to put a mild lift on my truck. '05 Dodge Dakota 4x4 SLT. I've come to the decision that it sits too damn low for me, and the factory 17" chromes just aren't cutting it. My question is it I put on 18" Motometal rims and 35" tires...How big of a lift would I need? I was thinking around 2 or 3 but I have no experience in doing this at all. I do some offroading obviously, but most of my commuting is on the highway, since I'm in the military. Any help would be much appreciated, oh, and I'm not going for a look that has the tires sticking outta the front side fenders a foot either...So I don't know the offset needed. Any help would be much appreciated! FREE GAS...on here.
  8. I sort of agree...I don't feel as comfortabl on al frames as I do on steelys.
  9. Mine is bored over to a 144, and it still has the stock silencer and pipe on it. I think it has far better over rev with the stock stuff.
  10. Lol, You guys are silly. Wait till you start riding with powder coated rims! They'll start flaking off and look like shit. If you get anything powder coated, let it be hubs.
  11. Nice grammar.
  12. Good luck buddy, industry is hurtin' bad right now. A guy around here is a sales rep for Fox and he said it's so bad even they are cutting people.
  13. Who cares. They should be helping people out that really need help, not people on the road in $300,000 motorhomes.
  14. Sweet idea, it just looks empty....
  15. I use to have Ride Engineering clamps in red on my Honda 250f. They were def. a really nice pair of clamps. But for what they cost I don't think that I'll buy another set. I'll put it into suspension.