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  1. a16tony

    Can you use water bottle for gas resevior?

    Not as pretty as the aluminum and stainless containers, here is my present option. I carry up to four of these in my Dirt Bagz, with plenty of room for other gear. That's 1.5 gals of fuel (48oz x 4ea), with easy to fill wide mouth tops. Made from the same material as a plastic gas can. Found at REI for $10 each.
  2. a16tony

    Bigger Gas Tanks for the WR250R/X

    Bump... Anyone have an update on the Safari tank?
  3. a16tony

    Water in my Lights. WRR

    A little bitching and a little curiosity. As a Washington native, here in the Pacific Northwet, we do a lot of riding in the pouring down rain. Sunday was one of those days. Its a 45 mile trip to Walker Valley ORV park, but worth the trip. Any way we laid down 160 or so miles, and when I got home and defunked Smurf, I noticed water in my rear turn signals and tail light. Pissed me off, guess I expect more out of my bikes. So, after looking around the bike I notice that the turn signals don't have a DOT approval. Odd I thought, all my Kawi's have been DOT. That makes me wonder how waterproof they are supposed to be. I believe they are supposed have gaskets. I also assumed the LED tail light would be completely sealed, guess not. The dealer is ordering the replacement parts. Any way, wanted to share the water issue with the forum and see if anyone else has had a similar finding.
  4. a16tony

    WR250R Riders Seattle?

    chronic, your not alone. Most of the local rides are on ADVRider. Rieter, Walker and Tahuya are the areas I hang at. I would like to get a WR posse out riding soon.
  5. a16tony

    WR250R lack of storage.

    There is a rubber gasket inside the unit. The blue pad you see is just a filler that comes with. Also both my bikes are 'keyed a like' for convenience.
  6. a16tony

    WR250R lack of storage.

    Let me introduce you to the Grifter I hunted this bad boy for a while. They make a 'high end' model for $145, aluminum of course.
  7. a16tony

    Wr250r Hp?

    In stock form, 50 something degrees out and raining. I pulled 24.8hp on the dyno at a local shoot out.
  8. a16tony

    What was OTD cost of your WR250R?

    Love your log on, chronic $6600 OTD - Renton Cycle. Wanna go to Reiter?
  9. a16tony

    Airbox Damper ***

    I'm not a stupid man, but.....how is the damper supposed to function? I assumed the damper is closed until there is demand for more air flow. I was getting ready to disable it and did not see any function at all. Is it related to forward momentum and load? I expected it to close at idle. Educate me please.
  10. a16tony

    WR250R TT Skid Plate Harmonics

    I opted for the Flatland Racing model. The owner sent an 'F' model, hoping it was the same, but no. A week later I had the new 'R' model. This thing is thick. .090 in. Damn the pic. another bad pic...damn And the reason for the post reply...no noise
  11. a16tony

    WR250X FI: intake air temperature sensor bias mod

    Stats: Chain always in spec weight: 200 height: 5'8" style: moderate off road speeds, love technical mpg: always 60, 61 on regular. Ok, so I put a 2.2k in line with the air temp sensor and I am very disappointed. Smurf has a very noticeable, flat bottom end. I will be returning to stock after I have pizza and an ice tea/vodka beverage. Can't say I didn't try. I modded my KLX250S to the max(well, no pumper), and I just want to keep the WR as stock as possible. I will ask Santa for a programmer this winter(leaning toward FMF). There's my .02 on the resistor mod. PS. not going to try a smaller resistor.
  12. a16tony

    WR250X FI: intake air temperature sensor bias mod

    Dave, thanks for all the work. I think I'll put a 2.5k resistor in the system, and run a couple tanks through Smurf. Hopefully I'll get smoother 'off idle' response, with my stock set up. If the MPG drops too much (more than 7%), I'll post the results.
  13. a16tony

    WR250X FI: intake air temperature sensor bias mod

    Thanks for the info.
  14. a16tony

    WR250X FI: intake air temperature sensor bias mod

    Since I haven't had a good reason to take things apart yet, does any one know if the TPS is adjustable, and would it allow for a slightly richer fuel cure if advanced?
  15. a16tony

    WR250X FI: intake air temperature sensor bias mod

    Dave, I have had a similar desire to trick the ECU, just didn't know how. I was thinking of a toggle switch labeled "on/off road" at the controls. Just wasn't sure which sensor or how to effectively trick the system. I was thinking temp sensor, but if 'air' works, I all in. When are you going to start the mod?